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Game Reviews for Daxter


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If buy only one game for your PSP, make sure this is the one. Added 16 Sep 2007, ID #1632
Daxter, a cute, ottsel (otter + weasel) like character famous for being the side kick of Jak – lead character of popular Jak series. Developer Ready at Dawn thought why not gives this Daxter its very own game, so they made Daxter, a PSP game. I am glad that they did so, because Daxter is still one of the best games on PSP after 17 months of its initial release.

If you already familiar with Jak series on PS2, you will find this game very much known. But people who never played Jak like me, it's a little bit came from nowhere situation – mainly because story wise this game falls between Jak 1 and Jak 2. So does that mean it's not possible to enjoy Daxter without playing previous games, the answer is no, because I did and if you a gamer who has to know everything, do a Google search or wiki.

So as I was saying - this game is related with earlier games from Jak series. In the intro video, this game shows that Jak is captured by killzon guards and you, Daxter manage to flee. Yes, you guess right, freeing Jak from Baron's prison is your goal in this game. But wait, how can you fight against mighty Baron. You can't. So you need to become a bug exterminator! Doesn't make any sense, but that is the only way to reach Jak.

So, now Daxter got a bug killing job, playing as Daxter you will start with simple ‘clean hotel from bug' type job to bigger and complex objectives. Though through out the game your focus will be getting as many precursor orbs you can get. These orbs play very important role in this game. Because couple of missions requires a certain number of orbs to be completed and secondly those orbs unlock mini - games.

Daxter is a pretty straight forward platform game with a mixture of action and adventure element in it. You will not become bored and frustrated doing missions, though some missions can give some hard time, especially if don't know what to do. But most of the time game is very clear to say what player needs to do. Daxter is meant to be a single player game, so having no infrastructure multiplayer mode doesn't do any bad to it. Moreover ad-hoc mode is there, but seems quite useless to me.

There are total 19 levels in this game and it's possible to play any levels after beating the game. And beside these levels, there are orbs to be collected to unlock mini games, secret masks and even you unlock stuffs by getting gold medal on mini games like website codes, new attack moves. Daxter user only 2 weapons in this game – one is the basic swatter and other is spray gun, later has 3 different powers. I would be happier if they put more weapons in this game.

Visually this game is totally awesome on PSP. Every object whether it is a flower or solid building structure is perfectly rendered here. All NPC looks amazing. All the cool rides Daxter uses in this game are nice to look at and Daxter as usual looks spectacular. I have just one complain this game, in some places, especially in heaven City Street and city port, this game slows down noticeably. Otherwise no frame rate problem in other places.

Sound and music is not the strong point of this game, anyway it has some decent music tracks that is quite successful to engage player into the game. But the menu sound track is awesome. I have to say about voice acting, every voice actors done really good job but Max Casella as Daxter's voice done a phenomenal job.

Now here is something about bug combat. I don't know how many collectable bugs are in this game, I got 12 so far. This game mode uses old but still enjoyable rock-paper-scissor technique, but the twist is you can upgrade your bugs using potions collected during single player game. But one thing disappointed me that when I upgrade my bug, opponent bug always has almost same attribute like mine. It makes the game challenging but upgrade less worth.

This game's reply value is not that high, though most people will disagree with me in this case. Yes I agree one must play all the levels at least twice to get all precursor orbs - but I founds this really tedious - there is noting to do in second go. And if you are at least a decent platform gamer like me, it should not be hard to get over 500 orbs - what's the requirement to unlock all the mini games. Despite not playing all the levels second time - I must say some of levels deserve playing second time.

Before playing Daxter I always disliked platform games, Reason for that - I was really bad at those games. But after playing Daxter I bought another platform game, Death Jr and I think that shows how much I liked Daxter.
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