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Crazy Taxi

Game Reviews for Crazy Taxi


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cheatzforcheez26th Jul 2006, ID #374
Crazy taxi is quite a fun game for a while and running around wrecklessly is my type of game. It is quite a cool game and some of the crazy box missions are really cool. A pretty fun game and has so..

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Quick Reviews

Crazy!!!Added 2 Feb 2005, ID #12846
This game rocks!

It is just like the arcade version, but there's more too.

If you love arcade racing games, then you'll love this game!!!

ID #317

be warned! Although this game may look good, sell well, and fun to play in the shops during the 5 mins before you get kicked off, do not, i repeat do not buy this game.

You will get this game home and have fun for about 6.5 minutes until you elise this is all you can do and you can only do it for 10 mins at a time.

I bought this game and returned it the next day. You have been warned, if you waste your money its your own fault

ID #316

This was a FAR BETTER GAME on the dreamcast, since the playstation 2 is poor, to put it very mildly.

ID #315

Whats that? you like crazy taxi 2 for dreamcast but dont own a dreamcast? then buy crazy taxi for ps2 simple as that. if you dont know what crazy taxi is its like an arcade GTA without guns or drugs SORRY PEOPLE NO DRUGS! Whats that? you dont know what GTA is? then you are a loser and you must buy GTA or GTA2 or GTA LONDON right now!!!! or what for GTA3.Whats that? your mommy wont let you get GTA? well THAN YOUR MOMMY IS A LOSER. still if you cant get gta get crazy taxi. BD JOE RULES THE EARTH YO! PEACE! (just kidding about the mommy loser thing)

Great!Added 15 Aug 2004, ID #800

This game is so coolAdded 22 Jan 2004, ID #714
Enter Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle at the 'Start' screen.

Crazy game!Added 7 Feb 2005, ID #3222

craaaaayyyyyzzzzyyyyyAdded 12 Oct 2003, ID #928

enter wideopen for crash pad freestyle track

ID #77

If you turn the batting to easy under the options menu at start you don’t have to worry about moving the cursor to where you want to swing.

In other words you just press X when the pitch is delivered.

To access the options during a game press start, and go to player options and the top option should be “batting cursor” keep pressing left or right until it says "easy".

I recommend that you use the two-player tip sent in by “Cbnaine”, only you don’t have to walk the last four batters.

ID #76

Recommended players

1.) If you have 2 players up front, the best 2 players to have are Andriy Schevchenko. Henrik Larsson (they should score at every game, but make sure you have a good play maker!

2. Once you have started a season, you need to buy good players: example: Rafael Van Der Vaart from Ajax will have fantastic future prospects......

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