Fire Staff Upgrade Codes for Zombies Chronicles

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Fire Staff Upgrade Codes for Zombies Chronicles

If you are looking for the upgrade code for the Fire Staff in BO3 or just details on how to get the item itself, you should find everything you need to complete this right here.

Fire Staff Upgrade Codes for Zombies Chronicles

If you need help getting the parts you need to construct the Fire Staff, then jump down to the section 'Collecting the Fire Staff Parts' below.

Assuming you know have the Fire Staff and just to be able to upgrade it, here is what you need to do.

At the Crazy Place where you built the Fire Staff, play the minigame which has four cauldrons in a room. To win here you just have to kill any zombies on the grates in order to fill up the cauldrons. Don't leave before you finish otherwise you may have to start this minigame over.

The next puzzle you can find in the church basement. Here you have to work out what torches to shoot with your Fire Staff based on the solution to the numbering system in this game. Everyone will see a different puzzle, so explaining exactly what to do is difficult. But if you use this key cheat sheet image below, it should help you work things out.

The idea here is that you work out the numbers based on the symbols that appear on the wall, then drop down to where the torches are and shoot them quickly, if you are looking for #4 then it's just a blood stain on the wall not the actual number, you don't have to shoot them in any particular order, just quickly.

When you have successfully completed this puzzle by shooting the correct torches, go back to thge Excavation Site and bring the blue rings into alignment by roating them to makes the lights on the side of the rings all turn red. Then shoot the orb when you see it. To rotate the rings use the levers that are close by.

With that step complete, go once more to the Crazy Place and put the Fire Staff in the pedestal, now you just have to kill a few more zombies to complete the upgrade.

Collecting the Fire Staff Parts

This page primarily deals with how to solve the upgrade code for the Fire Staff in CoD Black Ops 3, but if you need help getting the pieces for the staff or constructing it, then this section will be helpful.

To build the Fire Staff you'll need three parts plus the elemental crystal, the gramophone and two records. Here's is everything you need to know to get the pieces for Fire Staff and how to build it.

You'll need to collect the following items:

  • Open the reward box after you have powered up Generator 6 which is behind the church, you'll get one of the parts from that.
  • After the path to the church has opened look out for an orange plane in the sky that appears from time to time. You'll need to shoot it down, you can use a machine gun to do this. Once you've destroyed it you'l need to look for the Fire Staff part that it drops near the center of the map.
  • Kill Panzer Soldat robot on round 8 and you should get another part for the Fire Staff.
  • As well as the three parts you'll also need the red record, this could spawn in one of three locations: behind the church near Generator 6; on the second floow of the church, on a bench; behind the tank at the bottom of the church.
  • Find the spiral staircase in the Excavation Site in the middle of the map. You should find the gramophone around there.
  • Finally, you just need to get one more record, there are a number of locations where you can look for this item including: inside a wheel barrel on the Excavation Site; near the signpost for the Excavation Site; near the stairs that go to the church on top of some boxes.

When you have all of the items in the list above, head towards the Fire Tunnel. You can find the Fire Tunnel close to where you start the level in the Spawn Room.

Once you have found the entrance, go inside and put the gramophone on the table, you'll then be able to use the portal that opens to take you to the Crazy Place. Once there, take the firestone as well as the music player as you leave.

Now you have the firestone and all of the other items you need to construct the Fire Staff, locate the Spiral Staircase at the Excavation Site, it will open up if you use the music player there. Once inside add the three Fire Staff parts to the holder to build the Fire Staff.



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