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Cloudpunk Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One
Last Updated: by Dennis

Cloudpunk is an adventure game set in the future and features science fiction and cyberpunk elements. You take the control of Rania, a new delivery driver for the illegal company Cloudpunk and your objective is to maneuver a HOVA, a flying car, through a Cyberpunk city, collecting and delivering packages as well as passengers. Cloudpunk is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cloudpunk Trailer

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How to get the Load "" Enter Achievement/Trophy

To get the Load "" Enter achievement/trophy in Cloudpunk you must sell ancient computer games to Danya. You will be able to find ancient computer games when you explore the city of Novalis while doing pickups. Most of the pickups which are indicated on the mini map by a white icon will mainly be punch cards but there will be other objects which will include ancient computer games.

Early in the story you will find Danya outside the coffee shop and she will tell you that she will buy any ancient computer games you find. Once you have found an ancient computer game take it to her and she will give you decent money for it and the achievement/trophy will unlock.

How to get the Prank Achievement/Trophy

To get the Prank achievement/trophy you must go through with the prank. This will happen when a delivery comes through to deliver a item to the Spire, once delivered your AI will give you an option to change a few words on a sign. All you need to do is go up to the sign and press X on your PlayStation controller (A on Xbox) after the dialogue to unlock the achievement/trophy.

How to get the Summer 76 Achievement/Trophy

To get the Summer 76 achievement/trophy you must return the memory card to Janet Mortaim. You will be able to find Janet in the south section of Inari Gardens in the Avalon Heights district. When you talk to her you will unlock the side quest that involves you finding a memory card that belonged to her husband.

Locating Janet and talking to her is not necessary as you can still find the Memory card in Midtown, in the section next to Frisco drive. Once you have obtained the Memory card take it to Janet and she will give you decent money for it and the achievement/trophy will unlock.

How to get the Handy! Achievement/Trophy

To get the Handy! Achievement/trophy you must return Artyom's ring. The exact whereabouts of the ring is random but you will eventually come across it on a human hand when you collect junk throughout the wasteland. Once you have the ring take it to Artyom who can be found in Gallow's Row and the achievement/trophy will unlock.

How to get the Dolly Achievement/Trophy

To get the Dolly achievement/trophy you must decide Dolly's fate. All you need to do is take Dolly to the train station, not the studio when you are given the option to where to take her and the achievement/trophy will unlock.


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