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Children of Silentown Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Find all of the stickers and secret notes plus check out a complete walkthrough of the game with all achivements found to help you out with some great Children of Silentown cheats and tips.

Children of Silentown is a dark adventure game that tells the story of Lucy, a girl growing up in a village deep in a forest inhabited by monsters. People disappearing is nothing uncommon here, but this time, Lucy is old enough to investigate on her own. Or so she thinks.

100% Game Walkthrough with All Achievements

This video is a complete guide to the game with all of the achievements. And even better, the video author has timestamped the video so you can jump to exactly where you want to to get the help you need for any specific achievement of part of the game.

Chapter 1

09:11 - Achievement Egghead Lucy

10:24 - Children's Song [1/3]

18:08 - Achievement Lucky charm

20:29 - Achievement Trumpet

22:10 - Children's Song [2/3]

25:02 - Mom's Song [1/3]

Chapter 2

29:59 - Achievement Hairball

34:50 - Achievement Broken toy

36:00 - Achievement Spyglass

37:11 - Children's Song [3/3]

41:29 - Song of the World [1/3]

55:35 - Achievement Mysterious footprints

1:05:07 - Achievement Puppy

1:09:36 - Mom's Song [2/3]

1:13:04 - Song of the Forest [1/3]

Chapter 3

1:32:59 - Achievement Depths of the well

1:56:20 - Mom's Song [3/3]

2:13:00 - Achievement Coal's fur

2:30:54 - Achievement Complicated padlock

Chapter 4

2:52:44 - Achievement Big metal ruler

2:56:41 - Song of the Forest [2/3]

3:04:16 - Achievement Blue's drawing

3:21:57 - Song of the World [2/3]

3:34:48 - Achievement Huge Snail

3:43:02 - Achievement Old kettle

3:47:48 - Song of the Forest [3/3]

3:48:46 - Achievement Flower of hope

3:56:59 - Achievement Glass shards

3:59:05 - Achievement Friend

Chapter 5

4:13:11 - Achievement Doll

4:14:30 - Achievement Windmill

4:31:16 - Achievement Mysterious paintings

4:38:33 - Song of the World [3/3]


4:44:46 - Achievement Children

4:46:53 - Achievement Back Home

4:48:04 - Achievement Forest Howl

4:49:24 - Achievement Hope

4:50:41 - Achievement Cat

If you do need extra help, we encourage you to click through to the video on YouTube where the video author has been very helpful with responses to questions about the game.

Sticker Location Guide

Use this guide to find all of the stickers and secret notes in the game.

Chapter 1 - 3 Stickers - No secret notes.

Sticker #1 - Egghead Lucy

You can get this sticker after looking at the mirror in your house after you have collected your journal.

Sticker #2 - Lucky Charm

Find the lady outside near your house, she'll be petting your cat, interact with her to get a sticker.

Sticker #3 - Trumpet

Interact with the instrument at the Woodworker's shop.

Chapter 2 5 Stickers and first secret note.

Sticker #4 - Hairball

In your home, look at find the sticker by opening the chest after you have dressed.

Sticker #5 - Broken Toy

Interact with the box outside the bakery.

Secret Note #1

After getting the sticker, interact with the box again to pick it u. Take it back to your room in your house.

Find your cat, and use your box on him. Then leave the room and come back in again and make onemore interaction with the box to get a secret note.

Sticker #6 - Spyglass

Interact with the telescope/spyglass near the bakery to get this sticker.

Sticker #7 - Mysterious Footprints

Get the doorknob and find the hopscotch area, head towards the fence and this should be enough to get this sticker.

Sticker #8 - Puppy

You'll need to give a sandwich to the Woodworker's dog.

Chapter 3 - 3 Stickers - No secret notes.

Sticker #9 - Depths of the Well

Go to the well and find a nearby rock, pick it up and throw it into the well to get this sticker.

Sticker #10 - Coal's Fur

Follow Coal to the forest entrance after you have taken him off his leash. Then touch the gates.

Sticker #11 - Complicated Padlock

Enter Olivia's yard using something to grapple over the well then find her and make an interaction.

Chapter 4 - 6 Stickers and second secret note

Sticker #12 - Big Metal Ruler

Create an entrance in the Old Lady's yard and tap the middle window.

Sticker #13 - Blue's Drawing

While playing hide and seek find the paper in the farmer's shed to get this sticker.

Secret Note #2

Still while playing hide and seek, go to the bakery and tap the straw, then enter the hideout and tap the back wall.

Sticker #14 - Huge Snail

Complete the puzzle and then release the snail to get this sticker.

Sticker #15 - Kettle

Find the caves and there should be a red vine nearby with a symbol on it. Now go the far left and use the symbol on the tree, you need the magnifying glass to appear then click that when it does to get this sticker.

Sticker #16 - Hopeful Flower

Get the third song from the statue and head back from where you came until you see a clearing, click there to ener it and then find some flowers in the area and click them.

Sticker #17 - Glass Shards

Head back to the cellar in your house and find the broken glass on the floow to get this sticker.

Chapter 5 - 3 Stickers and third Secret Note

Sticker #18 - Doll

Head back to the forest and go to the stream, there will be a tree next to you, interact with it for this sticker.

Sticker #19 - Windmill

Find the windmill and interact with is to get this sticker.

Sticker #20 - Mysterious Drawings

Click the wall drawings in the cave after you hav completed the pressure plate puzzle.

Secret Note #3

This last secret note can be found nearsome flowers, to get there you-ll have to go back to where the beehvive is, keep going passed the statue and find the flowers. NNow just climb up onto your friend to get the last note.

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