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Chained Echoes Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

In many ways Chained Echoes is a throwback to the popular 16 Bit RPGs found in older systems like the SNES in the 90s, but supped up for a 2020s audience. We take a look at this beautiful game and put together our best Chained Echoes tips and tricks to help give you a head start in the game.

Chained Echoes Cheats and Tips

While there are no tap in cheat codes for Chained Echoes, we do have some handy tips and hints that we hope you find useful.

1. Upgrade Evenly

Upgrqafes with the Grimoire Shards are quite limited in muber as you'll need to defeat bosses to get them, so be strategic about how you utilise them. Our preference is to add to the stats of a character in a blanaced manner so that they have stronger battle, defense and health stats.

2. Crystals

Look out for the opportunity to grab crystals whenever you can in the game. You can get them from various locations on the map and can be used to boost your characters levels.

3. Gear

Gear is incredibly important in the game. Finding good gear can make the difference between some easy wins in battles and losses. When you have no use for gear, sell what you can to vendors. If you can get your hands on Sky Armor then it will make your journey through Chained Echoes a lot easier. With this armor you can move a lot faster and have much more attack, defense and health stats.

4. Overdrive Meter

Keep your overdrive meter in the green for the best effect and boost from this feature. Some actions will increase the meter (attacks usually) and some will decrease the meter (defense usually) you'll want to try to keep that meter in the green zone to get the best benefit from it during battles.

You can also use the X Overdrive items to help you keep your overdrive meter at optimal levels.

Chained Echoes

5. Reward Board

This is much like an achievement or quest list, take a look at what you need to do to complete the reward board tasks and when you've done them you can pick up rewards which can sometimes be quite useful.

6. Don't be static

It's important to develop a range of characters in the game. Sometimes you'll need a hero which is a good attack, and other times, maybe a good healer. Be prepared to switch out characters during battle when necessary. But also make sure that you have a range of strong characters that you can call on if you need to.

7. Get the Deals from the Vendor

Check the vendor early in the game and see if you can fulfill his deal requests. This is a great way to get some good equipment near the beginning of your adventire in Chained Echoes. It may mean that you slow down your progress in the game initially as you try to fulfill the tasks, but you should get some valuable and useful equipment in return. It's a bit like taking one step backwards to take two forwards!

We hope these tips where in some way usful, and if you are stuck with anything specific in the game, feel free to drop us a question!

Chained Echoes Guide

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