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Game Reviews for Burnout


Quick Reviews

Awsome!Added 15 Feb 2005, ID #13021
Pure Genius. Pure Skill. Hell awakening crashes.

SOUND 10/10

Why don't you see damage when you race?



NITRO 10/10

2nd reviewAdded 31 Aug 2004, ID #10688
I know I already put in a review but I've played it a bit more and its actually quite fun swerving past all them cars going super-fast, its quite cool.

Review Score 73/100

Ok, but a bit boringAdded 23 Aug 2004, ID #10560
Burnout is an ok game but can be a bit boring, however I havent played it much cos' I only got it today, so I might change my mind, but at the moment its can be a bit boring and a bit hard like a lot of racing games.

However Burnout 2 is out and Burnout 3 is coming out probably well literally definetly they will be alot better!


ID #243
OK, you have most likely played a racing game that has a pick a car, race, win, and open up stuff theme right. Well hold on partner because I bet you a silver dollar you haven't raced on a highway or a public road before! Hey none of us have, except if you have Burnout.

Sure you're still racing, but the catch is you have only four people racing against each other and traffic is swarming all around you. Sounds cool right! Good, because it is. Oh, I almost forgot, the crashes are the coolest things ever!!

I mean they completely blew me out of the water (and out of my couch too.) There is so much good to say about this game and I'm still not done! The races in championships are so intense that you could break your controller easily.

The game is long enough to keep you busy for a while and still fun after that. The tracks that you race on never stay the same. All of these things put together a great game such as this, but where there is a pro there's a con.

Really there is only one gripe that I have with this game. The awesome crashes. They are really cool but if you have two or three in a row you will want to kill your PS2. Otherwise the game is worth coughing up fifty big ones so don't regret buying it.

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