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Bugsnax Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Bugsnax

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Bugsnax is a first-person adventure game where you play as a journalist who receives a mysterious film strip in the mail from the disgraced explorer, Elizabert Megafig. She's invited you to Snaktooth Island to witness her latest and greatest discovery: Bugsnax! Lured by the promise of a great story, you travel to the island to interview Elizabert and her group of misfit grumpuses. In the pursuit of your big scoop, you get caught up in hunting Bugsnax, feeding grumpuses, and solving the mysteries of the island. Bugsnax is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to Upgrade your Snakpak Backpack Inventory Space

When you start the game your backpack will only be able hold a few Bugsnax. As you progress in the game you will need to increase your inventory space so you are able to hold more of the creatures, this will be essential for missions that require you to catch and feed several Bugsnax to a specific character.

Before you can upgrade your Snakpak Baackpack, Gramble Gigglefunny must return to your town. You will find this Grumpus in Simmering Springs and after he returns he will eventually ask you to do a quest called 'Empty Nest'. In order to complete this quest you must donate six Bugsnax to his barn. Once you have met the requirement your Snakpack will be upgraded and you will be able to hold more Bugsnax. If you continue to donate more Bugsnax to the barn the inventory space of your Snakpak Backpack will continue to grow.

How to get Quests and Boss Fights

The main plot of Bugsnax involves finding the Grampuses which are scattered around the island and trying to convince them to move back to town. Whenever you manage to get a new Grumpus back to town they will begin asking you to take part in optional side quests which have no purpose other than to give the character a backstory. These are generally smaller missions that may eventually lead to a boss fight, this is the case for Chandlo, Cromdo, Snorpy, and Wiggle.

How to Restock your Sauce

In Bugsnax there are six different types of suuces you can load into your Sauce Slinger to capture the Bugsnax that require some persuasion to catch. Certain Bugsnax respond differently to specific sauces, so it is important to have them all available. The six sauces are Ketchup, Chocolate, Hot, Cheese, and Ranch. You will be able to get these sauces on flower patches near the Bugsnax that require them, if there is not enough sauce for your needs you can always stock up by visiting the small farm that Wambus tends to back at the town. Each time you find a new plant sauce Wambus will have that sauce plant available back at his farm the next time you return. It is recommended that you frequently visit Wambus to restock your sauces.

Bugsnax Trailer

Use the Bug Net and Trip Shot to Catch Bugsnax

The primary way to catch most of the Bugsnax is to use the Snap Trap. There are however other ways in which these creatures can be caught. They can be stunned somehow and caught with the Bug Net which is awarded as part of the quest, 'Burger Time'. This tool is useful for catching Bugsnax that are too big for your Snak Trap. Or by using the Trip Shot which is unlocked as part of the quest 'Don't Trip' in Sugarpine Woods and is essential for catching some of the Bugsnax you may have seen early in the game but were unable to catch.

How to Find Hidden Bugsnax

If you have some empty slots in your Bugapedia there is a good possibility the Bugsnax's in question are hidden on the map and will only appear when certain conditions are met. If this is the case the easiest way to find them is to search for signs of them. Once you have found traces of the missing Bugsnax you can then use your SnaxScope on the traces to find out what conditionns must be met before you can capture these elusive Bugsnax to complete your collection.

Always Check your Bugapedia

Make sure you scan every Bugsnax you come across with your SnaxScope as doing so will add crucial information about them in your Bugapedia. All the information on the Bugsnax that inhabit the island is kept inside the Bugapedia which breaks down each biome and shows you how many critters you have scanned, how many you captured, and the number of creatures you have yet to discover. This makes the Bugapedia an invalualble source which you should frequently check in order to complete the game.

How to Use the Snak Trap

The primary way in which to capture the Bugsnax is to use the Snak Trap. In order to use the Sank Trap you must first scan the Bugsnak so you are able to determine where it will fly when it sees you. Once you have analyzed it's trajectory you need to remain hidden and patiently wait for the Bugsnak to appear and get near the Snak Trap. When the Bugsnax is near the Snap Trap the light over the wristwatch will change from white to blue and you will hear a pinging sound to inform you to spring the trap. If you timed the activation of the Snak Trap correctly you will capture the Bugsnak. Once it is in the trap a timer will start and you will need to rush out from you hiding place and catch it before the timer runs out and the Bugsnak escapes the trap.

Get all of the tools

Following a trick that makes you go to sizzilin sands, you need to have the machine that cromdo gave you, use the jump machine that cromdo gave you, use it then go to the side of the mountain then you fall down the bridge then you go to sizzilin sands and you have all of the tools!


Bugsnax will finally be coming to Steam sometime next year

Developer Young Horses announced that Bugsnax will finally be coming to Steam sometime next year. The game was previously exclusive to PlayStation, and the Epic Games S.. Read More

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