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Bread & Fred Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard
Bread & Fred Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Bread & Fred is a rage game that is a challenging co-op platformer where two players must cooperate to jump and climb to the top of a snowy mountain. Be careful not to fall tho, and don't make your fellow penguin follow you on that downhill... Take a look at our Bread & Fred cheats. The game is available on PC.

Bread & Fred Trailer

Bread & Fred Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Take a look at the cheats and tips below to get help in Bread & Fred.

Swinging and Using Rope Tips and Tricks

In Bread & Fred you are tied to your co-player with a short rope which creates a unique dynamic where you can swing and use each other as anchor points. Take a look at the tips and tricks below that will enable you to effectively swing and utiliz the rope mechanic in the game.

  • Anchoring Yourself
  • In order to anchor yourself to the ground in Bread & Fred you need to either press the 'S' button on your keyboard or the arrow key Down for player 2. Doing this will give you the weight of a rock and prevent your partner from pulling you around. To temporarily anchor yourself to the side of a wall you need to either press the 'E' key on your keyboard or right CTRL for player 2.

  • Take Advantage of Anchored Penguins
  • When one penguin is anchored, the other penguin can utilize this opportunity to swing and gain height or distance. An example of this is one penguin anchoring themselves to the side of a cliff while the other swings up to the platform above.

  • Ascend Tall Walls
  • You will be able to ascend tall walls by swinging. When you encounter long horizontal gaps you need to anchor one penguin to a platform while the other walks off to hang in the air. Then by moving back and forth the penguin hanging in the air can build up the required amount of momentum. Once achieved the anchored penguin should let go, propelling both penguins across the gap.

  • Practice Swinging
  • In Bread and Fred it is crucial that you master the ability to swing your penguin partner. Make sure you practice this skill whenever you have the opportunity, as it is essential for successfully navigating through the game.

    How to Play Bread & Fred Online

    The video below will tell you everything you need to know about how to play Bread & Fred Online.

    How to Play Bread & Fred Online

    Co-Op Speedrun

    Use the Co-Op Speedrun video below as a guide if you need help navigating your way to the top of the mountain. The Co-Op Speedrun (with no assists) was achieved in 4 minutes 16 seconds.

    Bread & Fred Co-Op Speedrun


    Bread & Fred FAQ's

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