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Brave Nine Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Brave Nine

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Brave Nine is a fantasy tactical turn-based role-playing game that was formerly called Brown Dust. Create your own unique formations, challenge other Captains and engage in decisive combat in tons of modes. In times of conflict, the four empires are filled with mercenaries of all kinds. The game features over 300 unique Mercenaries. Brave Nine is available on Android and iPhone/iPad. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Collect Your Daily Login Rewards

Make sure you always remember to check the events page at the main window by tapping on the animated red gift icon. This is the 'Gift & Pack' which once opened will display on the left side of the screen a list of all currently available events. One of these events is the daily login rewards which you will be able to claim regardless if you decide to play that day or not. These daily rewards are worthwhile claiming as they will come in useful during the game.

Unlock Challenges

In order to unlock the challenges in Brave Nine you must play through the Campaign levels and reach a certain stage. These challenges will feature new worlds which will give you the opportunity to earn new rewards. Listed below are the various challenges that are available and the level in Campaign mode you need to reach to unlock them.

Rune Temple
Unlocks by completing Level 3-10. You can collect Runes there.

Crystal Cave
Unlocks by completing Level 6-10. You can collect crystals there.

Evil Castle
Unlocks by completing Level 10-10. You can fight enemies for rewards.

World Boss: Terion
Unlocks by completing Level 15-10.

Co-op Raid:
Unlocks by completing Level 12-10. You can team up with others to get Soul Gear.

Event Dungeon
This only unlocks when there are active events in game.

Experiment with Team Setups and Formations

During the early stages of Brave Nine it is essential that you take your time and practice different team setups and formations in order to determine which one works best with your play style. Doing this at the start of the game when the enemies you encounter are weak will also help you get to grips with the game mechanics and the various factors you need to take into consideration when you go into battle.

How to Make Mercenaries Stronger

In order to strengthen your mercenaries in Brave Nine you need to collect certain items, all of which can be farmed by playing different game modes. Listed below are the various items you need along with which game mode you need to play to get them.

Campaign Battles, Event Dungeon, Sell Mercenaries/Runes

Quests, Missions, First-Time Clear Reward

Challenge Mode; Crystal Cave

Ancient Coins

Honor Coins

Challenge Mode (Rune Temple)

Missions, Quest, Events, Campaign, Challenge Mode (Slime Forest)

Soul Gear
Co-op Raid

Skill Books
Honor Shop, Quests, Missions, Events, and Trading Post

Collect your Free Recruit

Each day in Brave Nine you will be able to perform one free summon. You can claim your free summon by going to the bottom section of the screen in the 'Shop' menu and clicking the 'Recruit' option. This feature resets every single day, and you get a chance to summon anything between 3 star and 5 star mercenaries. When it comes to spending Diamonds on summons it is recommended that you save up 900 Diamonds and purchase the Mercenary x10 from the Legend menu.


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