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Battlelands Royale


Battlelands Royale Cheats & Tips

Welcome to our mini guide to his super-fun, battle royale type shooter. If you are getting a little tired of Fortnite and PUBG and want something a little similar, then downloading and giving Battlelands Royale could be a good idea.

The concept is more or less the same, you need to be the final survivor of a mass fight in an ever-decreasing playing field. You can collect weapons and health restores to help you get to be the last one standing.

The game offers a number of different modes, solo, random duo and buddy duo.

Sometimes there is an offer to watch an ad to get double XP. You can stack these double XP bonus up so you don't have to keep watching an ad every time you start a new game. The more XP you have the more you will unlock during a season.

Here are a few cheat and tips to help you in the game.

Cheats and Tips

1) Last the longest to win
The idea is purely to last the longest in the match to win, although if you make mroe kills you will get a better XP score at the end, still if you can come first in the battle then that is job done. To do this, really you don't want to get into a big battle right away, so it's a good idea to start somewhere at the edge of the map and make your way to the center according to how the area shrinks, hopefully by the time you engage anyone, a lot of the players will already be out.

Choose you start location carefully - edges offer a good chance of an easier game

2) Find the best weapons
Some weapons are better than others, find the one you work best with and seek it out. Look out for the drops that come in during battles, and also the drops of defeated players, these often contain great weapons. Check out our weapons guide for a more in-depth look at the weapons in the game.

3) Look out for the supply drops
Throughout the game there will be supply drops, often bringing some of the best weapons in the game to the battlefield. Look our for these, and get them if you can, but watch out, because often other players will be on the look out for these supply drops too.

4) Use the Grass for Cover
It's not about how many kills, just about surviving to the end, and using the grass will help you to do this. Here you can stay hidden, as long as you are not in the storm, while the other players battle it out, then pop out from time to time if you think you can make a kill.

Taking cover in the grass

5) Practice
Some of the players of this game are truly hardcore, and to beat them you will need a lot of practice.

6) Play Events
Play the events that appear in order to get a chance at winning some big prizes in the game.

7) Look out for the blue shield
To last longer in the game, you could probably do with getting the blue shield, it will save you from a few hits.

8) Land Near the Houses
Okay, so this one contradicts a little the earlier tip to land near the edges, but if you are after a more exciting round and want a chance of the best weapons, land near the buildings that you can enter as there is a good chance of grabbing some of the better weapons in there - But watch out, competition for these guns may be fierce!

9) Keep moving when you shoot
Because no doubt the person you are shooting will be trying to shoot you too! It takes some practice but you really need to be able to constantly move in this game, standing still means you are a sitting duck!

Get more unlocks with as you play the game with the Battle Pass

Weapons Guide

Weapons Guide

There are a ton of different weapons in the game, and the developers will continually add more, as of right now, here is our list of best weapons in Battlelands Royale

Quadzooka (supply drop)
All the fun of the bazooka but quadrupled makes this easily the best choice of weapon in the game.

Bazooka (supply drop)
The second best weapon in the game, but you have a very limited number of shots, so one to look out for at the end of the game.

Good ranged weapon with decent accuracy, it's still a great weapon to have even though it has been a little tamed by the developers in a recent update.

Minigun (supply drop)
Not as accurate as the SCAR which is why we are putting it below it in our Tier List, but you can fire off loads of shots at long range. So if you are in an area where you can just spray your bullets, a minigun is probably the right choice for you.

Assault Rifle
Pretty average all round, but still effective, not as strong or useful as the SCAR or Minigun.

Great at short range when you can get up close and take a critical shot. Especially useful if you are entering a building with an opponent. Don't think about using this one too much out on the playing field though.

Great damage and range, but really low fire rate. Makes this an effective weapon if you are able to shoot with accuracy from range.

Double Barrel Shotgun
Pretty average, and good in short range, but too slow to be effective against some of the better weapons.

Sniper Rifle
Just not strong enough. It has the range, and some speed of fire, but it takes too many shots from this gun to make a kill.

Not too bad, it has a good fire rate and ammo clip, but the damage level it quite low, you'll need to make a lot of hits if you use this weapon. Watch out when you are playing against people with stronger and more rangey weapons.

The most basic weapon of them all, like the SMG, the damage rate is just not there. If you have this weapon, probably just best to run... Fast....

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

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