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Attack on Titan: Freedom War Codes - Are there any?

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Use Attack on Titan: Freedom War codes when they become available to get your hands on some free rewards.

Attack on Titan: Freedom War codes to claim free rewards

Attack on Titan: Freedom War is a Roblox game based on the Japanese manga series that is set in a world where humanity is forced to live in cities surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans. Input Titan: Freedom War codes when they become available to get free rewards.

Roblox Redeem Codes

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All Attack on Titan: Freedom War Codes

We've checked the codes during the last update of this page and there are currently none available that you can redeem for rewards.

We last checked for new Open Attack on Titan: Freedom War on 21st June, 2024

  • There are no codes

    Expired Codes

  • There are no expired codes

Attack on Titan: Freedom War FAQs

Here are a few helpful FAQs that will tell you how to redeem the codes, what they are all about, how to troubleshoot if they are not working, and provide a few useful links related to the game.

How to redeem Attack on Titan: Freedom War codes?

Unfortunately, there are no codes for this game right now. Instructions on how to redeem codes will be added here as soon as a redemption function has been implemented into the game.

General troubleshooting for codes that don't work

There could be several reasons why the codes you have tried are not working.

  1. Check that you've entered them correctly and there are no extra spaces
  2. Roblox codes can be case sensitive, so check that you have the letters correct, or even better, copy and paste.
  3. They could have already expired and no longer work
  4. You may have redeemed them already from your game account
  5. You are playing a different version of the game, or one with a similar name

How to Get Special Weapons

There are several special weapons in Attack on Titan: Freedom War and they can be utilized against both humans and titans in combat. These weapons are all purchased using GP from killing Titans or completing events.

    Tent Weapons

    These weapons can be found in the green tents located near HQ's or in established expedition bases. You can buy 3 different items in these tents.

  • Musket
  • This is a rifle that only has 10 bullets. Press F to aim then M1 to fire, then R to reload. This gun blinds every kind of titan similar to a sword, even titan shifters. This weapon can also deal 150 damage to enemy humans, it takes around 8 seconds to reload.

  • Spike Net
  • This weapon can be bought when your scout rep is 300+. When either Titans or Titan Shifters step on this they are effected similarly as if they were to be cut in both legs.

  • Granada
  • This is a pomegranate where if you take a bite you regain 5 HP, this piece of fruit can be used 3 times to regain 15 HP.

    Carriage Weapons

  • Canon Wagon (500 GP)
  • This is a 2 horse-drawn wagon that holds a portable canon, which can be boxed back into the cart. You can use E or Q to move the canon forward and back, A or D to move left to right, click to aim, F to fire, and R to reload.

  • STRW Wagon (500 GP)
  • This weapon which works primarily on Titan Shifters is only available once your Scout rep reaches 400+. It triggers when an enemy Titan Shifter runs in front of it (50 meters range).

    Wall Weapons

  • Stationary Cannon
  • These kinds of cannons can be found around the walls of Trost and Karanese, and are essentially the same as a Wagon Cannon except can only be moved along the rails of the wall.


  • Green Flare
  • The green flare marks allies in a certain radius.

  • Red Flare
  • The red flare marks enemies in a certain radius.

  • Black Flare
  • The black flare marks abnormal titans in a certain radius.

  • Yellow Flare
  • The yellow flare marks wherever you shot it, visible to everyone in a certain radius.

  • Purple Flare
  • The purple flare marks you. Everyone in a certain radius sees this. Use this when you get grabbed, or need help.

  • Blue Flare
  • The blue flare marks supplies in a certain radius.

Helpful Attack on Titan: Freedom War Links

There are various social accounts to keep up to date with the latest developments and codes related to the game, here are the links.

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Attack on Titan: Freedom War FAQ's

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