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Unlockables and Trophies

Latest update by CMBF on Dec 12th 2012

While the modern AAA title is expected to include a proper list of Achievements/Trophies that revolve around actions that the player completes in the game, increasingly the trend has developed to include special unlockable trophies inside the games, often with these special items serving as the focus of decorations in the player-characters home/lair (or both) and following a theme that is related to the game subject and setting. Assassin's Creed III has really embraced this model and trend, offering the player a plethora of different trophies with which to decorate their home (the Homestead Manor House) as well as their Lair (the Secret Assassin Lair in the cellar of the Manor House) spanning several basic systems / mechanisms.

The collection items are broken up into 4 categories, as follows:

= Collection System Rewards =

The Collection System Rewards are obtained for completing specific Collections that are part of the process for obtaining 100% game completion anyway, so you will very likely be wanting to do these for that reason, making these rewards a bonus to the process!

These are actually a sort of nested set of rewards since they lead to other rewards that are obtained via the Crafting System, but essentially this starts with the collection of Almanac Pages and Treasure Chests...

– Almanac Page Collections –

On each of the city maps there are loose Almanack Pages that the player needs to collect in order to complete (and re-assemble) their related books, which once completed are then displayed on a large bookshelf and display case that is placed in the player-character's bedroom at the Manor House after the first one is completed. The individual collections are:

  • Poor Richard's Almanack 1733 (Vol. 1) Boston

  • Poor Richard's Almanack 1733 (Vol. 2) Boston

  • Poor Richard's Almanack 1736 (Vol. 1) Boston

  • Poor Richard's Almanack 1736 (Vol. 2) Boston

  • Poor Richard's Almanack 1737 (Vol. 1) New York

  • Poor Richard's Almanack 1737 (Vol. 2) New York

After you collect each set of pages the book is automatically re-assembled and then appears in the bookshelf and display case in Connor's Manor House Room. In addition to adding the book to the display in his room, when you complete each of the books they provide you with one or more of Benjamin Franklin's special crafting recipes!

With those, and assuming you have been diligent about completing the Homestead Missions and thus recruiting settlers (read that Crafters) to the Homestead, once you have leveled the Homestead Crafters to their top level (by completing their related missions) you will be able to obtain all of the raw resources required in order to craft the recipes for Franklin's creations, which are displayed in a dedicated room in the Manor House.

In addition to the craftable recipes and the display of the crafted items in the Manor House when you have completed Sequence 12 you will also receive a famous painting of Franklin, which will be displayed in the room as well – that is called the Ben Franklin Painting.

The recipes that you can obtain and eventually craft include:

  • Busybody (Level 2 Blacksmith, Iron Ore, Sand)

  • Electrostatic Generator (Level 4 Blacksmith, Level 3 Doctor, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Sand)

  • Franklin Stove (Level 3 Blacksmith, Iron Ore, Silver Ore)

  • Glass Armonica (Level 4 Blacksmith, Charcoal, Sand)

  • Joseph Priestley Soda Apparatus (Level 1 Innkeeper, Fresh Water, Glass Bottles)

  • Kite and Key (Level 2 Tailor, Kindling, Linsey-woolsey)

  • Leyden Jar (Level 2 Blacksmith, Copper Ore, Fresh Water, Glass Bottles)

  • Orrery (Level 1 Blacksmith, Level 2 Woodworker, Copper Ore, Rosewood Lumber)

  • Watt Steam Engine (Level 3 Blacksmith, Fresh Water, Iron Ore)

Once you have these recipes there is no timer running on when you can make them, and of course you have to advance the crafters that are related to each to the minimum level required, so basically you are going to want to set aside your eagerness to get these added to the Manor House until such time as you can actually do it. Still, you should be sure that you make the effort to collect the recipes by completing each mission/quest/collection since some of them will disappear if you don't do them during the Sequence that they appear in (particularly the Homestead Missions).

= Mission-related Rewards =

These rewards are pretty much attached to the different missions in which they are obtained, and as many of those are miss-able, you need to stay on top of completing the optional missions as well during the time that they appear in the game which is based on the Sequences.

The following mission-related rewards appear in the game:

  • Anchors Aweigh Trophy (Obtain 100% Completion of all Naval Missions)

  • Boston Brawlers Memento (Complete all Brawler Challenges)

  • Boston Liberation Trophy (Complete 100% of all Boston Liberation Missions)

  • Free the People Trophy (Complete 100% of the Fort Liberation Events)

  • The Frontiersman Trophy (Complete all Frontiersman Missions)

  • Hunting Society Memento (Complete all Hunting Society Missions)

  • Hunting Society Bear Memento (Complete the Man-Eater Mission)

  • Hunting Society Bobcat Memento (Complete the Feline Feet Mission)

  • Hunting Society Cougar Memento (Complete the Acute Cat Mission)

  • Hunting Society Deer Memento (Complete the Patriarch Mission)

  • Hunting Society Elk Memento (Complete the Elk Bachelor Mission)

  • Hunting Society Wolf Memento (Complete the Pack Leader Mission)

  • More Than Stories Trophy (Obtain 100% Completion of all Side Missions)

  • New York Liberation Trophy (Complete 100% of all New York Liberation Missions)

  • Privateer Memento (Complete all Privateer Contracts)

  • Scale Model of the Aquila (Oak Island Naval Location)

  • Thief's Club Memento (Complete all Thief Missions)

= Story-related Rewards =

This may seem a bit confusing but it is not really - these are basically rewards for completing the different story elements completely - so each Memento/Trophy will unlock when you do that. So just play through the story and be sure that you complete all of the goals for each Sequence to unlock the following trophies:

– Mementos –

These are supposed to be related souvenirs that bring the events to mind...

  • Kaniehti:io Memento (Complete Sequence 04)

  • Johnson's Memento (Complete Sequence 06)

  • Pitcairn's Memento (Complete Sequence 07)

  • Hickey's Memento (Complete Sequence 08)

  • Brewery Memento (Complete “The Foam and the Flames” in Sequence 09)

  • Benjamin Church's Memento (Complete “The Foam and the Flames” in Sequence 09)

  • Haytham's Memento (Complete Sequence 11)

  • Charles Lee's Memento (Complete Sequence 12)

  • Nicholas Biddle's Memento (Complete “Biddle's Hideout” Naval Mission)

– Newspaper Rewards –

These appear on the paper table in the sitting area of Connor's room at the Manor House...

  • The Boston Massacre Newspaper (Complete “A Trip to Boston” in Sequence 05)

  • The Boston Tea Party Newspaper (Complete “The Tea Party” in Sequence 06)

  • Paul Revere's Ride Newspaper (Complete “The Midnight Ride” in Sequence 07)

  • The Battle of Lexington Concord Newspaper (Complete “Lexington and Concord” in Sequence 07)

  • The Second Continental Congress Newspaper (Complete “Lexington and Concord” in Sequence 07)

  • The Battle of Bunker Hill Newspaper (Complete “Battle of Bunker Hill” in Sequence 07)

  • The Declaration of Independence Newspaper (Complete “Public Execution” in Sequence 08)

  • Valley Forge Newspaper (Complete “Missing Supplies” in Sequence 09)

  • The Battle of Monmouth Newspaper (Complete “Battle of Monmouth” in Sequence 10)

  • The Battle of Chesapeake Newspaper (Complete “Battle of the Chesapeake” in Sequence 11)

  • The Battle of Trenton Newspaper (Complete Sequence 12)

  • The Great Fire of New York Newspaper (Complete Sequence 12)

– Other Rewards –

In addition to the above there are other reward trophies that take the form of paintings, maps, or objects, and these are:

  • First Expedition Painting (Complete “The Hard Way” in Sequence 05)

  • Robinson Tea Chest (Complete “The Tea Party” in Sequence 06)

  • Naval Painting (Complete “A Bitter End” in Sequence 09)

  • The Battle of Chesapeake Naval Map (Complete “Battle of the Chesapeake” in Sequence 11)

  • Know it All (Complete 100% Synchronization of all Sequences)

= Homestead-related Rewards =

These are basically rewards that are related to the Homestead and Manor House...

  • A Place Called Home (Completely Upgrade all Crafters)

  • The Art of Conversation (All Conversations with Connor completed)

  • Boston Exploration (Completely reveal the Map of Boston)

  • Friends in High Places (Advance all Recruits to Assassin Rank)

  • Frontier Exploration (Completely reveal the Map of the Frontier)

  • New York Exploration (Completely reveal the Map of New York)

  • Shipshape (Purchase every Ship Upgrade)

Once a reward has been unlocked it can be found in its proper place in the Homestead Manor House with the exception of the Benjamin Franklin Recipes, which you have to first level the crafters of the Homestead to the point that they can supply the required resource and are of the level required to craft it, at which point and having crafted the recipe, it can be found in its proper place in the Franklin Room in the Manor House.

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