Pokemon Gym For Each Pokemon Type Coming In Sword & Shield?

During October 2019, Game Informer was allowed to reveal a few snippets about Pokemon Sword & Shield. The most surprising thing they shared was that there will be both Major Gyms and Minor Gyms found within Pokemon Sword & Shield (varying between two games). For quite some time, there has been rumors that there will be a Pokemon Gym for each and every Pokemon Type, with eighteen in all.

This would make a lot of sense should there be both Minor Gyms and Major Gyms. However, the fact that trainers only need eight Gym Badges to gain access to the Pokemon League makes all of this quite confusing. Unless a few Major Gyms require two Minor Gyms to be defeated before access can be gained or certain gyms won't need to be challenged depending on what game you're playing, the numbers simply don't add up. Like some Pre-Release Info, players will have to wait until the games hit the market to find out the specifics!

Posted: 27th Oct 2019 by Warrior13
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