Gigantamax & G-Max Moves Revealed For Pokemon Sword & Shield

In addition to Dynamax Pokemon and Max Moves, it was revealed during the June 2019 Trailer that the concept of Gigantamax will also exist in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Gigantamax is very similar to the concept of Dynamax in that it causes a Pokemon to grow in both size and strength. However, only certain Pokemon will have the ability to Gigantamax. In order to Gigantamax, a Pokemon must be captured during a Max Raid Battle. Said Pokemon will then become Gigantamaxed instead of Dynamaxed when a trainer selects this during a battle.

Giantamaxed Pokemon will look different in appearance than when a Pokemon is normal or even Dynamaxed. Furthermore, Giantamaxed Pokemon will be able to use special attacks known as G-Max Moves. These are extremely powerful attacks that also have secondary effects, much like Max Moves with Dynamaxed Pokemon. During the June 2019 Reveal, it was shown that Drednaw, Corviknight, and Alcremie will have the ability to be Giantamaxed.