Alcremie, Rolycoly & Duraludon Revealed For Pokemon Sword & Shield

During the June 2019 Reveal, a number of brand new Pokemon, Characters and Concepts were revealed for Pokemon Sword & Shield. Three of these Pokemon are Alcremie, Rolycoly, and Duraludon. Alcremie is a Fairy Type Pokemon that resembles soft serve ice cream, has the ability of Sweet Veil, and it is one of the Pokemon that is known to have a Gigantamax Form. Rolycoly is Rock Type Pokemon that is living piece of coal, and it can have the abilities of Heatproof or Steam Engine (a brand new ability that will increase a Pokemon's Speed Stat when it is hit with a Fire or Water Type Attack). And Duraludon is a Steel / Dragon Type Pokemon that is solid form of alloy, and it will have the abilities of Light Metal and Heavy Metal.