Brand New Concepts of Dynamax & Max Raid Battles Coming To Pokemon Sword & Shield

On top of all the new Pokemon and Characters coming in Pokemon Sword & Shield that were revealed during the Pokemon Direct, the newest concepts of Dynamax and Max Raid Battles were also shown. Dynamax is something players can do to their Pokemon after obtaining the Dynamax Band Item during the Main Story. When a Pokemon is Dynamaxed, it grows in size and power. It also received what are called Max Moves, special moves that vary depending solely on the type of the move used and the category of said move. Only one Pokemon can be Dynamaxed during a battle, and it only lasts three turns.

Max Raid Battles correspond with the concept of Dynamax. Max Raid Battles appear randomly in the Wild Areas across the Galar Region, and they are a multiplayer feature that see trainers trying to defeat a Dynmaxed Pokemon. This Wild Dynamaxed Pokemon, however, does not revert to normal after three turns. Up to four players can challenge a Max Raid battle, connecting either locally or online. (IF you can't do either, you will play with NPCs Support Characters. During Max Raid Battles, only one player can Dynamax a Pokemon. After defeating the Wild Dynamxed Pokemon, you will gain the ability to capture it. Wild Dynamax Pokemon change every single day and vary based on location and weather.