OPINION: Scorbunny Best Looking Sword & Shield Starter; Sobble Will Get Best Looking Final Evolution

It's no secret: Scorbunny is clearly the best looking Starter Pokemon that will be apart of Sword & Shield. Some Pokemon Fans may try to deny this - mostly those that have an allegiance to Grass Starters or Water Starters - even though it's quite obvious. Seriously, why else would the Pokemon Company showcase it first in the Sword & Shield Nintendo Direct Reveal? If GameFreak was going to order, they would've shown Grookey first since the Grass Starter always precedes the Fire Starter in any Regional Pokedex. Rather, this move was deliberate because the Pokemon Company knew that Scorbunny was the best design they had for any of the Starter Pokemon for the upcoming games.

That being said, based on history, Scorbunny will probably not have the best looking appearance. In all actually, since most feel that Sobble has the worst design among the three, it will most likely have the greatest looking Final Evolution. Looking back, Fennekin looked like the best Starter Pokemon in the Kalos Region, yet it was Froakie (who ultimately evolves into Greninja) that had the most popular Final Evolution of the three. Unfortunately for Grookey, almost all of the previous Grass Starter Pokemon have had the second or third best Final Evolution apart of every single Generation, furthering the belief that Sobble will evolve into the best looking Sword & Shield Final Evolution.

Posted: 20th Mar 2019 by Warrior13
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