Gym Leaders Replaced With Gym Masters In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Within the Release Trailer for Pokemon Sword & Shield first shown in the March Nintendo Direct, Pokemon Gyms were officially confirmed for the Galar Region. However, also shown in said trailer were that of numerous Stadium Buildings scattered across the entire region. These were believed to be the Pokemon Gyms of the region, but this wasn't confirmed in the Pokemon Direct.

Instead, it wasn't until the recent Nintendo America where it was established that these Stadiums would officially be the Pokemon Gyms for the Galar Region. With this newest piece of information, a brand new element has been introduced to the Pokemon Franchise: Gym Masters. These Gym Masters are the Galar Region's version of Gym Leaders, the same that must be defeated in order to eventually challenge the Pokemon League.

It isn't yet known if there will be any other differences between Gym Masters and Gym Leaders, so keep checking back here as we'll post again as soon as we learn more.

Posted: 8th Mar 2019 by Warrior13
Pokemon, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield