Brand New Pokemon Being Revealed In June

One of the newest Pokemon-Related Merchandise Listings has recently revealed that a brand new Pokemon is to be included in the merchandise for the next big Pokemon Movie, Pokemon: Everyone's Story. This merchandise will be in the form of Moncolle Figures, and they are set to be released this June.

At the present time, it is unclear what Pokemon this will be. Some fans are speculating that it could be the first Mythical Legendary Pokemon of the rumored 8th Generation, while others believe it could actually be an Eeveeulution from the same upcoming Generation of Pokemon. However, most experts believe this will actually be the officially reveal for Zeraora, the same that has yet to be officially revealed by the Pokemon Company (but has been known about since Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon were first datamined).

No matter what this Pokemon will be, keep checking back here for the latest and most up-to-date information about such a Pokemon!