PokeLand Announced

The next new Pokemon Mobile Game has been announced - called PokeLand - and it's the continuation of the Pokemon Rumble Series. The release date of the game has yet to be announced, but it has already been confirmed that it will be available for free download on both iOS and Android Devices. Presently, Alpha Testing for the game is being done in Japan, where a select few fans are being able to tryout the game for themselves. During the Alpha Test, 134 different species of Pokemon can be found as a player completes 52 separate stages and climbs the Champion Tower of fifteen different floors.

It has also been told that by using a Nintendo Account, players can move stored data between devices and their Mii will even appear as they do this. The game will unlock new islands when you spend diamonds, and it will require an online connection as well. PokeLand will even have a special detector to find Pokemon, but it will only be allowed to be used every thirty minutes. Players will also be able to power up your Pokemon toys by using P and Gears found throughout the game

Posted: 1st Jun 2017 by Warrior13