How to Get to Level 40 in Pokemon GO

The final goal for any player in Pokemon GO, after completing their Pokedex and training their Pokemon, is to ultimately reach the daunting pedigree of Level 40. It's one of the hardest tasks that has ever had to be done in any Pokemon Game. It's so difficult that some players would rather try to collect all eight hundred or so Pokemon in the mainstream games then trying to do this. But with Johto coming to Pokemon GO, there is no better time to pickup your phone again and get back to trying to reach this mark. And here are ten helpful tips for you to do just that!

By following all of these hints, we're sure that you will one day reach the impossible peak of Level 40. However, this will be no overnight success. Yes, these ten ways of playing will certainly help, but the journey will still be just as long and arduous. One of the things not listed by us is patience, a virtue you will definitely need if you will ever reach this goal. That, and plenty of persistency.

So without another moment to lose, here are ten ways to help you reach Level 40. We honestly hope they will help both you and all of us here complete the final task of one of the most popular games in recent history.

Catch Any & EVERY Pokemon

If you're going to reach Level 40, you have to try to catch not just any Pokemon, but every Pokemon that crosses your path. We're not saying you will catch every last one of them, as there are some Pokemon that just refuse to be caught at all costs, but you have to at least give it your best shot with each encounter. In the beginning, this will be fairly easy. But as time passes and your Trainer Level grows higher and higher, so too will the CP Levels of all the Pokemon you find, even the basic Pokemon you see everywhere. From Pidgeys going from Level 10 to close to Level 400, to Rattata going from Level 30 to Level 250, things will certainly get tougher as you go.

And that's why it's especially critical for you to use your Items wisely. Sure, no one wants to use their Great Balls and Ultra Balls on something as weak as Pidgey or Rattata, as well as their precious Razz Berries, but its better than losing ten or so regular Poke Balls in the process with the chance at ultimately losing the Pokemon. If you encounter a Pokemon with a red radar circle, whether rare or common, don't be so stubborn to pass on using a better Poke Ball and getting a guarantee capture.

Wait To Evolve For Mega Lucky Eggs

One thing that novice trainers do quite often is evolve their Pokemon immediately once they are able to. They often don't consider how good their Pokemon is, what it's individual values are, and, most importantly, they don't consider the experience they earn. If you want to be an expert at both this game and evolving Pokemon, you must learn to wait to evolve your Pokemon until you have about 30+ Pokemon to evolve, and with a Lucky Egg no less.

If you launch a Lucky Eggs with this number of Pokemon with the appropriate number of candies to evolve such a mass of Pokemon, you will gain double the experience, earning up to 30,000 EXP during the thirty minutes or so of the Lucky Egg being active. And if you add a new Pokemon to your Pokedex with any of these evolutions, that's an additional 1000 EXP. Do this every time you get a Lucky Egg, and you will quickly notice your Trainer Level skyrocket.

Hatch, Hatch & Hatch Some More

Outside of doing a “Mega Lucky Egg,” you will most likely earn huge chunks of experience by hatching eggs, especially if you are wise enough to set off all of your eggs at the same time each time you have a full inventory of eggs. Sure, this will cost you 1200 PokeCoins to have the necessary number of incubators to hatch nine eggs at once, but it will be well worth it with the number of experience you will gain, especially if someone are lucky and smart enough to wait to hatch either 9 5km Eggs or 9 10km Eggs all at once.

And of course, you can launch another Lucky Egg before your eggs hatch. You can even evolve your Pokemon as you wait for your Eggs to do this. Just think about that! 30,000 EXP from waiting to evolve your Pokemon, and then add another 5,000-18,000 EXP from the eggs you hatch. Now that's a game plan unlike any other.

Establish Gym Dominance

One of the most overlooked aspects of gaining more and more experience is through battling and defeating gyms. We get it, usually consumes all your healing items, which can be hard to obtain sometimes from PokeStops. They also take the most time, especially if you're trying to defeat a Gym of six or seven or eight or nine or even ten Pokemon! On top of all of that, you hardly receive any experience at all from Gyms, mainly depending on the number of Pokemon you defeat. It can be quite frustrating, but every little bit will help in the long run.

And let's not forget that by establishing Gym dominance, you should gain more and more PokeCoins. These coins can then be used to buy items, including the prize Lucky Eggs, which, in turn, will help you gain all the more experience! They might be a hassle, but the best player of Pokemon GO usually can be found at tens of Gyms in their area.

You Can't Visit Enough PokeStops

If you think you only need to visit PokeStops when you are low on items or just to obtain the daily bonus each day, you are mistaken, and it might explain why you aren't achieving the higher Trainer Levels you desire. PokeStops are a vital part to trying to reach Level 40, even if you are doing it 50-100 Experience at a time. But as we said before and we'll say again, it will all add up in the end. When you need about 10,000,000+ EXP overall to reach this incredibly high mark, every little bit will help.

And since PokeStops are usually grouped together and reset after five minutes, you basically have an unlimited source of both items and experience at your disposal, should have have the necessary time and patience. Even if you are somehow maxed out in items, you will still receive the same experience as if you didn't, which means you really have no excuse not to visit them!

Take Advantage of In-Game Promotions

Another thing to be aware of and obviously take advantage of in hopes of reaching Level 40 are the In-Game Promotions Niantic runs in Pokemon GO to get players playing, especially around the holidays. Most of these promotions have certain Pokemon appear, as well as rewards like reduced number of kilometers for the Buddy System to double the number of Candies received, sometimes even receiving double the EXP earned.

And when you catch wind of these promotions, you have to take advantage of them, especially if it includes double experience! Just imagine the Mega Lucky Eggs we discussed earlier, as well as hatching eggs. Now just think of those numbers doubled! You will easily start to soar in terms of both experience and your given Trainer Level!

Learn To Throw Perfect Curves

Out of all the hints listed in this here article, this one will take the most time to get just right. And though it doesn't produce the highest amount of experience earned, it will add up in the end with you getting to Level 40. In order to throw curve balls, all you have to do is spin your Poke Ball before throwing it until it starts to glow. After releasing it, it will curve in air. This will take some time to get down, trying to throw it just right to always hit the Pokemon you are trying to catch. This is especially so if you are also trying to land Great and Excellent throws for further experience.

Each Curve Capture will give you an additional 10 EXP. We know, that isn't that much in the grand scheme of things. But if you start to consider just how many Pokemon you'll have to catch to reach Level 40, that number will increase quickly. Add this to an 50 EXP for Great Throw Captures or 100 EXP for Excellent Throw Captures, and you will start banking in with experience.

Stay On Top of Daily Bonuses

One of the newest aspects incorporated recently in an update is the concept of Daily Bonuses. With these bonuses, you will receive a large amount of experience and stardust for the first capture each day. You will also receive a large amount of experience for the first PokeStop you visit. Do this seven days in a row and create of such, and you will receive huge amounts of experience from both the first PokeStop and Pokemon Capture on that seventh day.

This feature was included for the mere fact that so many trainers were having troubling reach the higher Pokemon Levels. The developers are listening, and this is just one of proving they are. And this method is now helping many trainer gain more and more experience. And since you only have to catch one Pokemon and visit one PokeStop a day, it isn't this big challenge to do. Do this daily, and you will find yourself racking in the experience.

Spend PokeCoins Wisely

Another thing all trainer should do is spend their PokeCoins wisely, whether they earn them the old fashion ways through claiming gyms or by using their real world money to ease the process. PokeCoins are hard to come by, and make sure to use them to their fullest. If you're looking to grow your Trainer Level specifically, incubators and Lucky Eggs are certainly the way to go. Incubators will allow you to hatch more eggs and harvest experience as you do, while Lucky Eggs will double all your experience over a thirty minute timespan.

Just make sure to use those Lucky Eggs after saving up to evolve, and just before those eggs are to hatch. By do so, you will get in the grove a farming as much experience as you can. Level 40 is a long ways away no matter how close in level you are to it, but being smart in your choice will help you get there as fast as possible.

Perfect Johto Timing

And finally, if you haven't reached Level 40 yet or if you aren't even close to such a mark, you have to be glad that the Johto Migration in Pokemon GO is now among us. Why you may ask? Well, there are more reasons than one! To start, you will receive all the extra experience when you register a new Pokedex Entry. This is a free 500 EXP for each new Pokemon, and since there are about a 100 New Pokemon with the Second Generation, that's virtually 50,000 EXP.

You will also be able to double all that experience by using a Lucky Egg along the way. Not to mention, there will be more Pokemon to catch, more Pokemon to hatch, really more ways to gain as much experience as you possible can. The Johto Generation is going to help all of us, from our enjoyment of Pokemon GO to having a legitimate shot at reaching Level 40.

Here's Hoping The Odds of Reaching Level 40 Are In Your Favor
Well there you have it! Ten easy ways to ensure you're doing all you can to reach Level 40 in Pokemon GO. We hope you enjoy reading this article, but we really hope it helps you in some way along the way in the game. And please, don't forget to comment with your thoughts in the comment section below, especially if you were aided in any way.

Until next time, PokeFans! ;)

Posted: 19th Dec 2016 by Team SuperCheats