8 Top Tools of an Elite Gamer

The latest generation of video games is more dynamic and immersive than ever before, and it’s due in large part to the array of outstanding video game peripherals on the market. Gaming peripherals can add a new level of engagement to your favorite games by allowing enhanced connections with your fellow gamers, extending your ability to play in comfort, or expanding your options for gameplay.

In fact, the level of competition in online games has even given rise to the professional gaming circuit, where gaming experts show off their skills in front of dozens of fans in live tournaments to determine digital supremacy.Competitive gaming has moved out of your best friend’s basement where its formative years were spent into the realm of the mainstream, with several high profile tournaments across gaming genres receiving media attention and even national broadcasts.

Competitive gaming can also be a lucrative pursuit, and although there are precious few seats at the very top of the food chain, the best gamers in the world can command recruitment into the top travel teams and even profitable endorsements from major brands.Of course, getting paid to play video games sounds like a dream, but like most things in life it requires more investment of time, energy and resources than it seems.

If you’re an amateur gamer looking to take the next step, you may have often wondered why your online opponents enjoy a consistent competitive edge over you. Some of it can be due to their more advanced toolkit when compared to the average casual gamer, allowing them a higher level of performance in gameplay. Of course, a lot of it is due to skill level and there’s no substitute for practice, but these accessories can at least give you a fighting chance in the most competitive online arenas.

Gunnars OPTIKS


With the increased awareness of the importance of vision protection in recent years, gaming glasses have exploded in popularity within the professional gaming world. These specially designed goggles not only filter ambient light to create sharper images and a more vibrant display, they also ease the strain of extended gameplay on the eyes, making them indispensable to competitive gamers who regularly endure grueling marathon tournaments.

Gaming glasses like Gunnars OPTIKS help to keep the eyes producing moisture during gameplay to reduce irritation on the optic tissues, which is a valuable asset in games where victory can be claimed in the blink of an eye. Gaming glasses have been proven to reduce the risk of competitive injuries such as migraines, eye fatigue, and other symptoms associated with overexposure to artificial light sources.

Gunnars OPTIKS also feature a slight magnifying effect to give gamers even sharper eyes when they need them most. Better vision is obviously a bonus in virtually any genre of games, but is particularly useful in combat or RPG games where spotting small objects, small text and other extremely fine details are as much a part of the game as quick reflexes and Mountain Dew.

Posted: 20th Jul 2016 by Team SuperCheats