Latest Lego game awakens on Xbox and PlayStation

The latest in the hit series of Lego themed adventure games is now out on the Xbox and Playstation consoles and the PS Vita handheld. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the tie in to the recent Star Wars Episode VII and looks set to be as popular as the predecessors.

Gameplay Trailer

The game features the familiar collect, destroy and then build mechanics that the game series does so well and the large slice of humour both straight and tongue in cheek. It also includes some updated game play that allows you to try various creations and options to complete your goals.

Many of the levels feature aerial combat both on rails and in free flight dog fights that look to be a lot of fun and a standout feature of this game. If you are a fan or checking this game series out for the first time, let us know what you think below or in the forums. Or add a review here