The 10 Best Video Game Cheats Ever

There are various smart video games that have always been in existence for quite long and till date they will always give you reasons to smile. These video game cheats can always make any kind of hard to play game quite tolerable or even easier to play. They are programmed in the best way possible and therefore have no questions, making them very elementary and perfect for your games. Below are the 10 best video game cheats ever.

Flying cars – The Grand Theft Auto IV

This is one of the best video game cheats that creates a lot of fun and convenience in the world of Los Santos. This is because any car can be easily blown off just like a plane. This, therefore, implies that you will never be disturbed by the traffic jam on the roads that may be caused by other cars. You will not waste time waiting for the pedestrians to pass and the best part of it is that you will have no interaction with the cops on the road. This makes life quite elementary. Despite this, it is quite challenging because for the car has to come to a complete stop in case you want to get over the car. The game also becomes quite challenging when the car crashes into any water body. This is because you will require another cheat that can either commit suicide or blow off the car. in case these are quite difficult on your side, then you will just need to restart the game. This has also featured as a glitch in GTA V (check the video below).

It is always very easy to activate this game as you just need to press on the “Press Square”, Down, L2, up, L1, Circle, Up X and finally Left. By following this simple procedure and you will have activated this classic video game cheat. You will receive a message showing that you have correctly entered the game cheat.

Posted: 7th Apr 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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