High expectations from Doom 2016

Doom Reboot will be released on the XBOX ONE, PS4 and for the PC on the 13th of May 2016. The story will feature the invasion of the Argent facility by the forces of hell on Mars. In terms of game-play, it is set to resemble the typical action oriented gameplay style, which the classic Doom franchise follows. This game will be an upgrade to the Doom 3 style, with much more emphasis on heavy artillery, agile and fast player movement, and fast paced encounters with hoards of enemies. From an architectural and graphic point of view, it is aesthetically close to the designs of Doom 3 but adds new enemy designs. These are the things what we are looking forward to in Doom (2016).

Announcement of reveal

On May 18 2015, Bethesda announced that they were going to schedule a public reveal of Doom 4 on June 14 2015. The announcement featured a photograph of all the characters from the Bethesda franchise sitting in their reserved seats inside the auditorium. The guest included the demon that featured in the 2014 teaser. This demon was later confirmed as the cyber demon. It also had a revenant sitting amongst the other demons in the auditorium. This announced revealed a 11 second video with the shot gun being loaded followed by a jet packed revenant screaming wildly and aiming and firing missiles at a target off camera .

Teaser reveal

The reveal of Doom 4 was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 14th 2015. In the reveal, Bethesda revealed a second teaser video, which was similar to the video released in QuakeCon 2014. In the video, the protagonist is seen wearing an F-90 helmet, which is similarly designed as compared to the helmet, which is seen in Doom marine. After the helmet is worn, the outline of the helmet wears away from the screen, the screen displays transparent HUD type elements, which slowly become persistent, and some elements appear when in context. Equipped with a combat shotgun, the protagonist proceeds to an industrial looking area in the base, which has molten metal being poured into massive forges . There are various interactive elements in the game such as opening the door with the enhanced exoskeleton hands of the marine.

Glory kills

In the next scene, he is shown being attacked by the imps, who are extremely quick. The acrobatic movements displayed by the imp, is very similar to Doom 3, with additional zombies armored with laser guns. In the game, there is a translucent wheel shaped interface, which can be used to change the alternate between the weapons. Similar to other RPG games the option of entering a slowdown mode while shooting bullets is enchanting. The fatalities in the game are dubbed as Glory kills and are swift motions, which enhance the game-play and ensure the relentless flow of combat in the game. The examples of glory kills are when the protagonist crushes the skull of a downed monster or tears the body parts of an enemy. Sticking to the tradition of doom, the sequence of exploding barrels has been included at many levels of the game. Shortly before being barred by a hand scanner, which the protagonist does not have access to, he finds a machine gun.

Hell knight

He stumbles across a holographic projection, which has records of previous events. In the holographic projection, he sees, a Hell Knight dragging a human away and killing him in a brutal manner. The recording stops, where his corpse is left. The marine, then tears the hands off from the corpse and uses it to bypass the hand access scanner. When he finds a chainsaw, he begins to severe the legs, hands, heads of the imps and splitting into half the monsters. Suddenly we see a revenant that flies down from an overhead ledge attacks the marine unnoticed. He has jet packs on him.

Multiplayer mode

The conference covered the topic of multiplayer. Multiple modes such as freeze tag, Dominion, Team Arena and death match were mentioned. In other videos, the players were shown battling it out with plasma rifles and a demonic power up which converted the players into a revenant and allowed them to fly up and destroy the enemies using dual type homing rocker launcher devices.

Hell sequence

A sequence showed the Doom 4’s version of hell. This hell is described as a barren land of jagged rocks, deep rifts, and towering massive stone obelisks. The Cacodemons are seen flying in the air .This scene showed the players ability to survive massive falls without suffering damage due to his exoskeleton system comprising of the system of impact compensation. The huge mancubus is officially revealed in this scene, firing plasma and attacking the player with a flamethrower. The protagonist tears the chest plate off one of the demons and puts it down his throat leading to a momentary staggering motion before the demon finally explodes. The hell knight demons, with a skeletal head and some transparent specter like monsters attack the protagonist before many revenants appear and fire missiles rapidly at the player. Lastly, a cyber-demon is seen teleporting behind the player and the player pulls out and charges the BFG 9000, which confirms the return of the weapon.

The BFG 9000

The BFG 9000 is the ultimate weapon, which is found in Doom. It is a massive silver metallic colored gun, which is similar to the plasma gun in many respects. The BFG is can destroy any monster or player only with a single shot. It has the capability to disperse its damage over a massive area and to multiple enemies. The full form of BFG is Big Force Gun. Many refer to it also as blast field Generator. Many contemplated the return of the BFG in Doom 4. However, the sequences in the reveal have shown that the BFG has in fact returned.

Death Barrels

The exploding barrels in Doom ,are a hazard to the player ,found across multiple base levels. It is a cylindrical barrel, which contains nuke or green slime. It takes damage like a demo and when the number of hits points on the barrel reach 0,it burst and destroys everything in its path. It has a blast radius of a 128 units. It may take multiple bullets from a shotgun to set a barrel off, but a single shot from a BFG can do the trick.

The game has high expectation from its followers and is all set to create a riot in the gaming industry .

Look out for our coverage of Doom, 2016, when it releases, we'll have a massive mega guide all for free to help you play through the game.

Posted: 3rd Mar 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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