Top 10 Most Scantily Dressed Babes

In recent times, the gaming industry has taken a major leap forward. Realism has not only been added to the aesthetics of games, but also to their overall themes. Stories are written up by entire teams, dedicated to knit a narrative as cohesively as they can, with characters as believable as possible. In particular, non-male roles have received a push, to bring them forward from a prior subservient role of older social conventions. In those past times, which we speak of as ancient yet are merely a decade or so away, women were solely prominently displayed in pinpointed areas, whenever carnal desires were afoot.

Looking back at some of these concepts can be cathartic when it comes to modern development. Moreover, not all of these titles were intrinsically evil, just for parts of their subject material. Some items are still regarded as classics today, with naked, unrealistic women and all.

Actually, the present times aren't immune to sexualized content either and still some get credit where due. It's all about context. Today, we look at the girls with the least clothing and the biggest proportions possible and see if that paid off for them in the end or not.

10. Bayonetta

Everyone is at least aware of this vixen, which recently climbed the ranks of the gaming world with her sensual look. While she should be dismissed in this list for appearing clothed, Bayonetta is technically what people would attribute to being naked, as her uniform is made of her own hair. As a witch, she has the ability to wield her dark locks to whip around the battlefield, leaving her with titillating, exposed poses. This is complemented by developer Platinum Games' general camera angles on women, centered on anything but the face. Luckily, they also know how to make a powerful brawler.

9. Ayumi (Blades of Time)

This girl is one of those contemporary heroines who stays stuck in the past with ditzy, empty-headed commentary and a figure shaped from some fetish dream. In Blades of Time, women sashay violently with stilts for legs, placed atop ten-inch heels on knee-high boots. Its juxtaposition with the bold, innovative mix of fast, mixed combat and intriguing time puzzles is barely justified by the overall, exaggerated appeal. It is possible to put her in a full metal suit at the end, but only before turning her into a naked dragon. It's still better than her first appearance as a nude sex kitten in X-Blades.

Posted: 21st Oct 2013 by Daav
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