The Truth Behind the Fanboy and Why They Exist

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(1) Someone who is hopelessly devoted to something and will like anything associated with their particular thing.

(2) Geek Term related to forum users who think a product/company/person can do no wrong.

(3) Deliberate misspelling of the word 'fanboy' typically referring to an annoying, immature fan of a specific video game console.

"Fanbois" typically spend most of their free time telling anyone who will listen how perfect their console of choice is, and how inferior all other products are. Fanbois will not stop annoying other people until everyone they know is converted to their way of thinking.

Part 1: Words of Power

"My Video Game Console. . . "

The four words above by themselves have very little power but, when linked together in just that order transform into a very powerful phrase that instantly communicates a tremendous amount of useful information -- not the least of which is the potential threat posed by the speaker as well as providing the listener with clues to conversation subjects likely to result in the disclosure of useful information, as well as what topics are best avoided.

For most gamers the phrase potentially translates into mental imagery of fun and entertainment of a sort that is increasingly popular these days thanks to the wider acceptance of the deviate activity of playing games and gaming as a form of social expression.

In the current era the phrase above is often followed by ". . . of choice is the Xbox 360," or some other brand name, and is used to indicate to strangers the entertainment unit to which the speaker has pledged their allegiance. This sort of identification plays a key role in establishing the consumer power-base to which the speaker belongs as well as indicating what their nearly-religions affiliation is.

The Anatomy of a Fanboy...

From the Fanboy Blog Gamer.Blorge is an examination of the anatomy of the Fanboy which was drawn up prior to medical science delivering the truth behind the cause for this horrific disease.

Posted: 22nd Dec 2011 by CMBF
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