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Armored Core: Nine Breaker

Game Reviews for Armored Core: Nine Breaker


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This hot new gam just came out todayAdded 14 Sep 2005, ID #17220
This is the next game of the Armored Core games (Like the title of the game did not give it away).

But unlike the others its based off Armored core arena.

You must make the perfect Robo and beat the crap out the many pilots awaiting you and if you make it to the big man him self and some how defeat him, you gain the title Nine Breaker.

As always this one will have more weapons and units than ever.

Nine Breaker isn't being billed as the most complete, hardcore Armored Core experience.

After ten titles (Formula Front included), Agetec feels that its super in-depth mech simulator -- the Gran Turismo of mech combat, as it's being called -- is a bit too exclusive for the average gamer.

That's a problem. Companies need more people playing their products to keep the franchises going, but they also can't just throw the basic principles of the series out the window.

So Agetec has come up with Nine Breaker, a game that is every bit about the customization and control of advanced mechanized war machines as Nexus was before it, but this one's plan is to educate, not dominate.

Nine Breaker doesn't have any actual missions. Agetec believes that Nexus' rather quick engagements that were both followed and preceded by lengthy introductions were too much for casual players to handle.

With that in mind, the developers at From Software have this time reworked the basic concept of Armored Core. Now there is virtually no setup or aftermath. You just pick an exercise and go.

Raven has been invited to participate in an elite program. This program involves piloting a fully configurable AC unit through a series of ever more challenging exercises focused on specific disciplines.

We just received our build of Nine Breaker today and had a chance to briefly play through the entire first Attack / Accuracy series of exercises.

In training, the game is broken down into Attack, Defense and Move categories. Within Attack there is Accuracy, Power and Judgment subcategories.

Defense subcategories include Evade, Durability and Heat Resistance.

The Move section houses Horizontal Move, Vertical Move and Dexterity trials. Each subcategory (like Attack\'s Accuracy) is comprised of about five exercises.

This creates a total of 45 exercises, but the game\'s official documentation claims that Nine Breaker includes 150 skill sets.

All exercises are designed to focus on specific types of Armored Core gameplay, be it the fast interior navigation of long industrial complexes, the dodging of missiles, the shooting of bad guys, or the plowing of your mech through miscellaneous junk.

Each exercise also has a number of win requirements. For instance, if you want a gold rating you'll need to beat trial X in 35 seconds, but 45 seconds will do just fine for a silver rating.

As mentioned, we completed all five levels of Accuracy training. It began simply enough by asking us to shoot a few slow moving drones within a specific time allotment.

That challenge then escalated to shooting down fast moving enemies, enemies behind cover, fast moving enemies behind cover, and eventually fast moving enemies behind slow moving cover.

Because this is still Armored Core, the game encourages players to exit training at any point and customize their AC unit with over 400 parts so that it is better equipped to tackle the task at hand.

Example: if you're trying to beat the Power trials, you'll want strong weapons with lots of ammunition reserves so change up your gear.

Right away, a huge number of parts are made available -- Nexus data can even be imported into Nine Breaker (configurations, mainly) to expand the selection.

But, there is still a reward for successfully completing specific training regiments. I.e. more parts. Though we haven't yet gotten a chance to dive deeper into the other training areas, we suspect that they will all deliver similar types of rewards upon being completed.

Even though the fundamental structure of Nine Breaker has changed significantly from previous Armored Core titles, the basic control and configuration components seem pretty much identical (Nexus' dual analog configuration is intact, too). So, fans shouldn't be too afraid about it.

Strangely, and despite the game being geared toward newer players, we haven\'t yet seen any kind of tutorial or help systems.

It seems then that Nine Breaker could perhaps more accurately be seen as a series of challenges for preexisting fans of the franchise that still lets new users jump in and learn from trial and error without being beaten over the head by a super hard game.

We're still hoping there is a strategic mech customization tutorial that will tell us what configurations are ideally suit for specific situations, though.

Tutorial or not, training isn't the same as battling. Agetec and From Software know this, and so Nine Breaker also comes with a comprehensive arena mode featuring about 20 zones.

There's also the obligatory two-player splitscreen and four-player i-link and LAN play, but the real online game will have to wait for a future release.

According to company representatives, Agetec is positioning Nine Breaker as the ultimate Armored Core introductory package that will hopefully get fans and new folk alike ready to handle forthcoming online-centric and PlayStation3 games.

We'll return soon with new movies and info. We just have to pass the initial training tiers to get anything interesting. Expect the goods to come in the following weeks.

No cheats so far but I'll find them so untill then... See Ya.

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