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Angry Birds Trilogy Trophies for PlayStation

Trophies for Angry Birds Trilogy


There are 53 Trophies for Angry Birds Trilogy
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Bronze Apple Appreciation
Rio: All apples collected
Bronze Avian Liberator
Rio: 700 cages broken
Bronze Backward Compatibility
Classic: 10 birds launched in the wrong direction
Bronze Banana Fanatic
Rio: All bananas collected
Bronze Bird Slinger
Classic: 5,000 birds launched
Bronze Birds of the Feather
Rio: Blu and Jewel unlocked
Bronze Boo!
Seasons: 1,000 ghost blocks smashed
Bronze Bubble Popper
Seasons: 500 bubbles spawned with Pink Bird
Bronze Bull's Eye
Classic: Got a direct hit on a pig
Bronze Bunny Hopper
Seasons: 300 bunnies broken
Bronze Bunny Hunter
Seasons: 300 piggy bunnies popped
Bronze Chocolate Lover
Seasons: 300 chocolate boxes broken
Bronze Cloud Buster
Seasons: 1,500 clouds busted
Bronze Crate Hater
Rio: 200 crates broken
Bronze Egg Hunter
Classic: 10 Golden Eggs found
Bronze Feather Collector
Classic: 120 feathers earned
Bronze Feather Fetcher
Rio: 120 feathers earned
Bronze Feather Fiend
Seasons: 120 feathers earned
Bronze Flower Power
Rio: 100 flowers destroyed
Bronze Free as a Bird
Sent all 7 birds out on migration
Bronze Handyman
Classic: All golden wrenches in Bad Piggies collected
Bronze Hard as a Rock
Classic: 100 stalactites smashed
Bronze Icepicker
Classic: 5,000 ice blocks smashed
Bronze Leprechaun's Secret
Seasons: 300 pots of gold broken
Bronze Lights Out
Rio: 10 lamps broken
Bronze Marmoset Terrorizer
Rio: 500 marmosets hit
Bronze Melon Mania
Rio: All melons collected
Bronze Oops a Daisy
Seasons: 300 flowers broken
Bronze Papaya Perfection
Rio: All papayas collected
Bronze Pennywise
Seasons: 300 money piles hit
Bronze Picnic Pooper
Seasons: 300 picnic items broken
Bronze Pig Popper
Seasons: 1,000 pigs smashed
Bronze Pineapple Purist
Rio: All pineapples collected
Bronze Pumpkin Smasher
Seasons: 300 pumpkins smashed
Bronze Seasoned Slinger
Seasons: 5,000 birds launched
Bronze Sharp Shooter
Rio: Level completed with a single bird
Bronze Snowplower
Seasons: 1,500 snow blocks smashed
Bronze Space Invader
Classic: Launched Yellow Bird up into space
Bronze Stonecutter
Classic: 5,000 stone blocks smashed
Bronze The Grinch
Seasons: 1,000 presents smashed
Bronze Ultimate Bejeweler
Classic: 100 jewels smashed
Bronze Unwrapper
Seasons: 300 presents smashed
Bronze Water Bird
Seasons: Made 500 birds swim
Bronze Wilhelm Tell
Classic: Hit a flying bird with another bird
Bronze Winging it
Created a migration tune
Bronze Woodpecker
Classic: 5,000 wooden blocks smashed
Silver Aviator for the Seasons
Seasons Eagled
Silver Flawless Plumage
Classic Eagled
Silver Rio? Navigated!
Rio Eagled
Gold Completely Classic
Got 3 stars on all Classic levels
Gold Rio Round Up
Got 3 stars on all Rio levels
Gold Sewing Up Seasons
Got 3 stars on all Seasons levels
Platinum Top Talont
All Trophies unlocked