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Marvel Future Fight Cheats for Android

Cheats and Tips for Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight Tips, Hints and Guide

We have 12 cheats and tips on Android. If you have any cheats or tips for Marvel Future Fight please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Marvel Future Fight Questions & Answers page.

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Assist Character

You will be given before each of the missions start the opportunity of selecting another player's character to assist you. You will have a choice from three characters and these will appear below your team on the 'Mission Description' screen. To summon the character into battle you just need to tap them, you will be able to do this once per mission and they will help for a limited time. A good tactic if possible is to save the 'assist' character for when you are in a boss battle.


It is worth returning daily to get the free full energy recharge. Try to complete the daily and weekly Achievements whenever possible as they award energy, S.H.I.E.L.D. Experience and Gold.


Each of the characters has four pieces of Gear that can be upgraded to increase damage, defense, critical hit rate, etc. To upgrade gear you need both Gold and items that you find as drops when you progress through missions. When you have the required components to perform an upgrade a small dot will appear on the Gear button within a character's profile.


Your character's two starting skills can be leveled up at the same rate as the characters level so make sure if you have enough Gold available to always improve these when you level up. Other skills will become unlocked as you rank up the character.

Age of Ultron Uniforms

If you equip Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow with their 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' uniforms you will change their appearances during the cinematic sequences of the game and also boost two stats.

More Characters

To get more characters you either have to win them from a Chest in the games shop or earn them gradually by collecting Biometrics. Each character takes between 10 and 40 units of Biometrics to summon. You can view the progress of each character by scrolling through the thumbnail pics at the bottom of the 'My Team' page.

Alternate Uniform Boost

Unless you really despise the way it looks you can boost two stats by equipping an alternate uniform.


Individual pieces of ISO-8 can be enhanced by sacrificing lesser ones and by using Gold. When you have leveled up enough you will be able to equip multiple pieces of ISO-8. Certain colour combinations of ISO-8 will offer you additional set bonuses.


Remember that each skill that you activate has a cooldown so keep an eye on the display that tells you the number of seconds it will take before you can use it again. For more information about cooldowns go to the 'Skills' tab in a character's profile.


To activate a leadership ability that will apply to ALL the team members the character must be placed in the middle.

Team Bonuses

If you tap the 'My Team' screen followed by the 'Team Bonus' menu you will be able to view ALL the different combinations of characters that will give you bonuses. You will also be able to see teams that you can make up with your current characters.

Hero Types

Listed below are the four different categories of heros.
Characters that attack fast using rapid strikes.
Melee bruisers that use punches, kicks, or weapons in close combat.
Ranged snipers that work by shooting enemies from a safe distance.
Characters that are balanced fighters and do not specialise in a particular style.

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