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Among Us Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Among Us

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Among us is a new fun group based game that has risen to popularity in 2020 after being featured by a number of YouTubers. The game consists of ten people in a match, one or more of whom will be an imposter, whose aim is to kill the other players. Everyone else need to try and figure out who the impostor is.

How to Play Among Us

When you enter the game there are two options that are local and online.

First you have to choose a name, if you try to put any rude words Among Us won’t let you enter a game. If you choose local you will create your own game where you are the boss and you can kick anyone out at any time and you can start the game whenever you want.

You would have to wait a bit longer if you create your own game because when other people choose online they normally choose games that have a high amount of players like 6 or 7, it’s better to enter a match that hasn’t got too many players in it so then you can get into a game quicker.

If you choose online you will have the option to choose 1, 2 or 3 impostors, you also have to choose what kind of map you want, there are 3 different maps they are The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus. Once you have chosen what you want the game will give you about ten different games for you to join with different amount of people in them.
Among Us Gameplay

There is also another option which is the enter code option, that option is for people that want to plat together, so then someone creates a game and his friends put in the code so they can all play together.

When you are in a game you will have to wait until the game has ten players and then the creator of the game can start there game, while you are in the waiting room you can customize your own player, like what colour do you want his body to be, if he has a hat or not and there are also other accessories like little pet, costume... That cost money.

When you are loading into the game, the game decides who the impostor is, once it has been chosen normally all the crew mates in the game go and do challenges, they look in the security cameras to see if anyone is killing anyone or they go looking around the map to see if anyone is being suspicious.

In the top right corner there is a long yellow bar, each time you do a challenge or any other crewmate does a challenge it fills up a bit each time, if you finish all your challenges more will keep on coming.

If you are the impostor in a game your goal is to kill everyone so you can win, the impostor has also got an extra button that is the sabotage button, if you press it, it gives some options which are: you can sabotage any section of the map like to turn of all the lights, turn of the oxygen , when ever something is sabotaged the crewmates need to go and fix it, you can also shut doors to lock people in or not let them get somewhere. In every room there is a vent where only the impostor can hide and transport to any other room.

When the impostor kills someone the dead body appears on the floor so then when any crewmate comes over they can report the body and then they all decide who they think the impostor is, there is also a chat where they can write who they think the impostor is and convince other people.

Among Us Cheats and Tips

We've put together below our top tips and tricks for Among Us, for each tip we have specified if it is meant for the imposter or crew mate in the game.

1. Crewmate
Try and follow groups of people: When you follow groups of people you can see what is happening and what the other people are doing and that you are not alone. This way it is much harder for the impostor to kill anyone because all the other people will see what is happening.

2. Crewmate and impostor
Never type too much in the chat or be the first person to accuse someone: Whenever someone starts typing a lot of stuff like: who was it?, I think it was..., I am not an impostor.... Everyone gets suspicious of that person and they end up voting for you. A tip will be to never be to over the top, and just type things like: who was it? (once), and if you are really sure who the impostor is then you can accuse, but always have a reason why, like: I saw him in the vents, I saw him kill, he was following me...
Among Us Chat

3. Crewmate
If the impostor sabotages somewhere never rush there: When the impostor sabotages let other people get there first because you never know if the impostor is there waiting there to kill you, try to get there with another groups of people so they can see if the impostor kills you or anyone else.

4. Impostor:
When you are the impostor never follow people around: Whenever you follow people around they always get suspicions of you and end up pressing the emergency meeting button and tells everyone what has happened.

5. Crewmate
When you are a crewmate do all your challenges and don't stop doing them: Whenever you do a challenge the yellow bar on the top right corner it fills up more each time and once you and you team have made the yellow bar get to the end you win, you have to do that before the impostor kills everyone.
Take Part in Challenges

6. Impostor
If you are the impostor its better to kill people in the rooms: You never know if anyone is is watching you through the security cameras, the security cameras are only in the hallways and never in the rooms, that's why you should always kill in the rooms another reason is that when you kill someone in a room there are always vents in the rooms but never in the hallways, so then when you kill someone in a room you can hide in a vent and transport anywhere but be careful where you transport because you never know if someone is in that room and if they see you come out of a vent they will call a emergency meeting and vote for you.
Security Cameras in Among Us

7. Impostor
Act like you are doing challenges: When you act like you are doing challenges people think that you are doing challenges and they don’t that you are the impostor.

8. Impostor
If you accidently kill someone in front of another person you always have to report the body: If you accidently kill someone in front of someone else you always have to report the body because then other people don’t think it is you.

9. Impostor and crewmate
If someone accuses you of being the impostor never be aggressive: When you are aggressive to someone they all get suspicious of you, so a hint will be to just ask reasons why he thinks you are the impostor like: where did you see me?, and if he writes back saying you was in a room with the body or in the vents, but before he types back to you, you have to say where you was and with who you was so people believe you.

10. Impostor and crewmate
Confuse other players: A good way to confuse other players is by putting your name as a colour like: yellow and then when you are in the waiting room change your colour of skin to a different colour like: red and that confuses a lot of people when they accuse you.

We hope you find these Among Us cheats and tips useful, if you need further help, drop us a Among Us Question

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to get Halloween Hats

While playing online you may have encountered players that are wearing cosmetics that you do not have access to. With Halloween just around the corner you are going to see things like pumpkin hats, wolf ears, a plague doctor mask, the infamous Jason Voorhees ski mask from Friday the 13th and a knife hat that look like the player has a machete lodged in their head. Normally, these fun seasonal cosmetics would only be available on the date but by following the steps below you will be able to access them and the rest of the Halloween hats now. Note: Must have administrator.

Step 1
Navigate to the date and time settings menu.

Step 2
Uncheck set time automatically.

Step 3
Set Date and time to October 10, 2018 at the time of 11:59.

Step 4
Start Among Us

Step 5
Wait at least 1 minute, the time should be after 12:00.

Step 6
Host a local game.

Step 7
Go to 'Customize'.

Step 8

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