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Air Combat Pack Shot

Air Combat

Game Reviews for Air Combat


Quick Reviews

ID #4886

Legend of Dragoon was a very cool RPG! The game had a very good story line that will keep you entranced to find out what happens next.

It also has a very good battle system, good graphics ( as far as RPG's go ), and characters that you will never forget. Legend of Dragoon is a game that is a must have !

ID #4885

The Legend Of Dragoon is an awsome!

If there is any game you want you should get this game.

This game has the best graphics you can have, which is better then the ps2.

You have to get this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID #4884

LEGEND of DRAGOON is an AWESOME RPG game. It has cool graphics and WICKED game play. The best part is that this game is 4 cds LONG. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story of the game is Wicked TOO. I rate this game a 9 out of 10. ( or probably 9.5 )ITS THE BEST RPG GAME YET.

ID #4883

This game is cool!!! It is the best RPG for the Platstation.

I just beat the game and today and i wasn't dissapointed about the ending either.

It was a long but interesting game. All who buy this game will not be dissapointed!!!

ID #4882

I think this game is totaly brilliant, yet the magazines say it's crap!I think that this is the best game by far!

So s#@t on those magazines 'cos this is the best.(How ever I can't seem to get past Polter ghost on disk 3 [Fort Magrad].


Sent to you by The white monster, or you can call me the kid that never sets, or even Zachwell (Disk 4, Mayfill). Nah! Just Alex will do! (I'm also Apehead on Black and white.)

ID #4881

This is a realy cool game you must have it if you like adventure and action but i have a question.

If you defeated the spirred of the divine dragon where do you have to go and what to do i dont get past the chaimber with those balls and the one after that.

And how do you input gameshark codes?

ID #4880

This game is sssssssooooo cool. I mean even though I don't have the game it's awsome! You should definatly buy this game!

Oh her's also a tip on how to defeat Lenus, ( at twin castle)use muru's dragoon stone.

Charlie told me this tip and I hope tou beat the long game. Pease.

ID #4879

I think this game is really cool.

It has some of the best graphics I've ever seen in video game and it takes a long time to beat, because it is 4 discs long.

I give it 10/10 stars. You should definitely buy this game!

ID #4878

I'm currently on the 4th disc, and my highest level is 33!!!

I've encountered no problems. I've beaten this game several times, this same way. The best tip you can recieve, is play your game!!!

Do things your own way, play around. I beat every boss the first time, you can too.

ID #4877

This is a game that I just bought and I have had it for about a week now. This game is the bomb. In my opinion I think it is about as good as a final fantasy game. This game could do better in graphics but they are fine. The graphics arent blurry. They game has a great story to it and your dont get lost in the game eaither. I am only on the first disc but you do a lot on it. I totaly recomend it for people and you will get really hooked on it once you play it.

Its about a boy named Dart and he is trying to have revenge on the Black Monster who killed his father. But within his journey he helps other people. He helps a guy named lavits fight the war. He helps a guy named haschel find his daughter.

This game is awsome and you really nead to get it because you dont know what your missing!


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