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Follow the dark path or use the light

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Game Reviews for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings


Quick Reviews

Though it may seem so, this game aint just for nerds... Added 16 Aug 2004, ID #10473
Whoa. Easy there. What did I just say? Yes, this is a game that really is... well... fun to play.

You control a civilisation (There are quite a few, from Persians to Goths), build a town, and go to war with your enemies. There is noodles of depth, however.

You can build castles, Markets for trade, Universities, Blacksmiths, Bombard Towers, farms and many more things. Your soldiers can fight on camels, by foot, by sea or on horse.

You can also use Battering rams, Scorpions (Missile Launchers), Trogan horses and even elephants! Of course, this is not all available for you at the start. What you have depends on your civilisation and what age you are in.

You start in the dark ages and progress by collect commodities (wood, food, stone, gold). You obtain food by farming, fishing, or killing animals. Wood is the most common because you can chop down trees.

Gold is used for trade and other reasons. Stone is used to build fortifications.
The game sees you in a random map, from swamps to islands, along with 1-3 computer-controlled teams.

You can win a number of ways:
By building a wonder: This costs 1000 wood, gold and stone, and takes ages.

By being the last civilisation left: Insanely hard, even on easy, for even one enemy farm still denies victory.
By claiming a relic: find one and put it in your monastary for 200 days.

There are loads of different game modes, including the main story mode which puts you in histories battles, such as Waterloo and Joan of Arc. There's multiplayer, too.

That is but the tip of the iceberg. However, it has some flaws. Graphically, it is very limited.

It seems very 2-D due to an extremely poor camera, which doesn't let you zoom, rotate or find out where the battles are going on. It can be very frustrating at times.

This however, remains a good, solid, lomg game, available at 30 euro.

Graphics: 70% Great detail and smooth, but suffers from black borders and c**p camera

Sound: 85% Great voices, interesting musical score
Gameplay: 73% Complex controls can take a while to get used to

Lifespan: 83% Loads of modes, but it lacks immediate action

Overall: 80% A good game, but it falls short from an 'A' rank due to an abysmal camera, the second worst of 2003 (Tenchu- Wrath of Heaven is the WORST)
Who might like this game Added 13 May 2004, ID #8613
Only people who like strategy games should really play this.

You do not have to be a good one though. This game is very easy to learn to play.

Out of ten, I give this game an 8.

Even though it dosen't have as many civilizations as the earlier Age of Empires games.
ID #35
The graphics are poor but the gameplay is excellent.

The major ownside to the game is the arrow you have to move around to mve the screen and villagers/soldiers. You can never!!!!! get the screen just how you want it.

Also the computor can build villagers faster than you and it can control lots of different things at once whlist you are trying to get one villager to plant crops and another to hunt deer. You would have thought that after the villager had built the lumbercamp he would go and chop some trees down automaticly but no you have to go and tell him to cut trees down it is really annoying as you can't find him again because of the screen not moving as it should.

This game is in serouis need of some cheats like the computor version like eg Instant buildings,1000 wood,photon man i really enjoyed playing the computor verstion round my freinds and this is just a bit disapointing.

Altogether it is a command and conquer type game i would rate it 7/10 as it is good game play that *******arrow lets it down.

Happy massicures to you.

Long Live The King Added 30 Sep 2006, ID #9671
In Championship mode unlock all tracks and arenas then in Derby mode get first in all arenas place to unlock Rough Justice and the bonus cars 1, 2 and 3.
Greatest of them all! Added 8 Aug 2004, ID #5084
When you get into the room with many doors walk slowly past them, when you are in front of the right door you will hear a splashing noise, enter it then do the same as you did before. Keep doing this until the game goes in movie mode.
Ancient War At It Added 27 Jan 2004, ID #4015
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Good game Added 19 Dec 2003, ID #3746

Moveset List

Move set 1 = Genichiro Tenryu

Move set 2 = Kendo Ka-Shin

Move set 3 = Keiji Mutoh

Move set 4 = Toshiaki Kawada

Move set 5 = Bill Goldberg

Move set 6 = Misc. Kung Fu

Move set 7 = Jeff Jarrett

Move set 8 = Ric Flair

Move set 9 = Scott Hall

Move set 10 = Scott Steiner

Move set 11 = Sting

Move set 12 = Terry Funk

Move set 13 = Atsushi Onita

Move set 14 = Misc. Puroresu set A

Move set 15 = Misc. Puroresu set B

Move set 16 = Taka Michinoku

Move set 17 = Ken Shamrock

Move set 18 = Rey Mysterio Jr.

Move set 19 = Great Sasuke

Move set 20 = Fred Durst move set from SD JBI

Move set 21 = Hiroyoshi Tenzan

Move set 22 = Jushin Lyger

Move set 23 = Kensuke Sasaki

Move set 24 = Masahiro Chono

Move set 25 = Manabu Nakanishi

Move set 26 = Yuji Nagata

Move set 27 = Jun Akyama

Move set 28 = Kenta Kobashi

Move set 29 = Mitshuru Misawa

Move set 30 = Vader

Move set 31 = Essa Rios

Move set 32 = Gangrel

Move set 33 = Brian Christopher

Move set 34 = Jerry Lynn

Move set 35 = Ron the truth Killings

Move set 36 = Road Dogg

Move set 37 = Antonio Inoki

Move set 38 = Akira Taue

Move set 39 = Giant Baba

Move set 40 = Big Boss Man

Move set 41 = Crash Holly

Move set 42 = D'lo Brown

Move set 43 = Sho Funaki

Move set 44 = Godfather

Move set 45 = Justin Credible

Move set 46 = Mike Awesome

Move set 47 = Perry Saturn

Move set 48 = Steve Blackman

Move set 49 = Shane Mcmahon

Move set 50 = Sean O' Haire

Move set 51 = Steven Richards

Move set 52 = Andre the Giant

Move set 53 = Bob Backlund

Move set 54 = Dean Malenko

Move set 55 = Mick Foley

Move set 56 = Naoya Ogawa

Move set 58 = Sergeant Slaughter

ID #116

Super Shield;

On the Underground Railway Mission, there is a super shield.

To get this, go to the room were you go through the floor, then look at the roof of this room for a bright coloured trap door.

Shoot through that and boost up the secret passage to find the super shield.

ID #115

The mission for LCC were you have to destroy the satalites when you get out of the cave and in the satalit area go all the way left there are three silos they have doors you can shoot on the back side there is an AC part there.

ID #114

In my expirence the top AC in the game is a medium weight AC. The heavy ones can still be good, don't get me wrong, but they lack the major point, speed. The light weights are a "no go" all around, though they have awesome speed, they lack fire power. The key to the AC is in the legs, manwalkers are good all around, chickenwalkers for ariel battles, tanks/catapilers are good for wieght loads but light on armor, then the floating, just stay way unless you've had good sucess. If you can't tell the difference in the manwalkers of whats light, medium, and heavy, a) look at it, if it looks skinny with a low load cap the it's light, if it's bulky it's heavy, b) go to the garage and to help then assembly techniques and look at the lists.

ID #113

there is a laser rifle in the miussion you have to destroy the SRBIa weapon. After you destroy the missle barriers on the SRBIA quickly head to the southeast hills. There you will find the Karasawa-mk2. It is probably the best arm unit right in the whole game. It is quite heavy, so it is good for you to be able to have an overweight armored core unit.

ID #112

When you are fighting the 2 frighteners in Zio City, Follow all the main road between buildings until you find an A.C. Part it is the orbital gun.

Fires pods that hover around opponent A.C. for a while causing about 6500 damage overall.

If you complete the arena before doing any missions then Ares and the other guys who think they're good give you lots of weaponry, also it means that the missions are a lot easier.

If you get all the optional parts that the other people tell you to get, one of them lets you lock on to disorder units!

To complete the arena easily: stand at the top of one of the poles in Etal Base and shoot missles.

If you want a heavy A.C. use Emaraudes 59000 c. tracks as they are fast and have highest load capacity, A.P. and defense.

If you want to use the Kawasaki laser rifle a.k.a. Ares's gun then use the biggest quad legs as you can't shoot a chaingun whilst moving with bipedal legs!

ID #111


O.K. In order for you to do this you need to by the Doubled Verticle missles.

It costs alot but you'll make it. Then equip the double verticle missles. Then you go to the Etal base level and look to you left you'll see a really tall building. fly to the flat platform and wait till your boost recovers. Then Fly up the pole centered in the middle of the platform. Then the ac's will go anywhrer they want. But just lock on them with your double Verticle missles and rain down death with you enemy. No matter where they are the missles will track them down and kill them. This is the best way to beat you enemy. It help me so far. Oh yeah and i also beat ares this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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