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AEW: Fight Forever Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Last Updated: by Richard
AEW: Fight Forever Cheats, Tips, Strategy

AEW Fight Forever is a professional wrestling sports game based on American professional wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The game combines that nostalgic arcade-wrestler feel with innovative All Elite Wrestling finishers and tandem offensive moves. It also features tons of over the top content, such as 49 weapons, blood and gore galore, a completely interactive and destructible environment around the ring, and hidden unlockable wrestlers in the story mode. Take a look at our AEW: Fight Forever cheats, the game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC

AEW: Fight Forever Trailer

AEW: Fight Forever Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Take a look at the cheats and tips below to get help in AEW: Fight Forever.

  • Compete in a Rampage Match Weekly
  • As you advance through the Road To The Elite career mode you will unlock the ability to compete on AEW Dark and Rampage once a week. Make sure that as soon as it is available you take on a Rampage match every possible week. Doing this is most lucrative way to earn skill points and Career Cash for a relatively low energy cost. Keep in mind that the further into the campaign you go the more rewards you will earn from competing on Rampage.

  • Unlock Aubrey Edwards
  • Aubrey Edwards is an American video game developer and professional wrestling referee that is an unlockable character in AEW Fight Forever. She can be purchased from the in-game shop on the main menu for 20,000 AEW Cash. You can earn the required AEW cash from completing matches in any of the game's modes, including exhibition, online and the Road To The Elite mode.

  • Unlock Cody Rhodes
  • Cody Rhodes is an American professional wrestler and actor that is an unlockable character in AEW Fight Forever. He can be unlocked from the in-game shop for 10,000 AEW Cash. Once you have purchased Cody Rhodes you will be able to use the Son of a Plumber in all of AEW: Fight Forever's game modes. These include exhibition, online and the Road To The Elite.

  • Master Special Moves
  • In order to master special moves in AEW: Fight Forever it is important that you understand your character's strengths and weaknesses. Special moves are Signature and Finisher moves that each wrestler can perform. You need to experiment with these different moves in different situations to learn when they can be most effective. Then continually practice them until the required timing becomes second nature.

    Roster Reveal

    The video below showcases all the wrestlers that are available in AEW: Fight Forever.

    AEW: Fight Forever Roster Reveal

    - Abandon

    - Adam Cole

    - Adam Page

    - Andrade El Idolo

    - Anna Jay

    - Brian Cage

    - Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

    - Bryan Danielson

    - Chris Jericho

    - Christian Cage

    - Chuck Taylor

    - CM Punk

    - Cody Rhodes (Available via the Shop)

    - Darby Allin

    - Dustin Rhodes

    - Eddie Kingston

    - Hikaru Shida

    - Jade Cargill

    - Jeff Hardy

    - John Silver

    - Jon Moxley

    - Jungle Boy

    - Kenny Omega

    - Kris Statlander

    - Lance Archer

    - Luchasaurus

    - Malakai Black

    - Matt Jackson

    - Miro

    - MJF

    - Nick Jackson

    - Nyla Rose

    - Orange Cassidy

    - Pac

    - Penta El Zero M

    - Powerhouse Hobbs

    - Rey Fenix

    - Ricky Starks

    - Riho

    - Ruby Soho

    - Sammu Guevara

    - Scorpio Sky

    - Sting

    - Tay Melo

    - Thunder Rosa

    - Trent Beretta

    - Wardlow

    - Yuka Sakazaki

    Top 10 Hidden Special Moves Tutorial and Guide

    The video below is a tutorial and guide for the top 10 special moves in AEW Fight Forever. Learn how to break the stage, how to perform a Cody Cutter from the ladder, how to throw weapons and even how to win a match with no hands.

    AEW: Fight Forever Top 10 Hidden Special Moves Tutorial and Guide

    0:00 - Hands in Pockets

    0:27 - Throwing Weapons

    0:55 - Barricade Dives

    1:14 - Ladder Parcour

    2:41 - 5 Flaming Table Moves

    2:50 - Skateboard Dives

    3:27 - Deathmatch Fatality

    3:46 - Ladder Cody Cutter

    4:01 - Stage Destruction

    AEW Fight Forever Controls Guide

    The video below is a tutorial that goes over everything you need to get started, including basic moves, reversals and specials, as well as how to perform combos, breakers, dodges and blocks.

    AEW Fight Forever Controls Guide

    00:00 - Intro

    00:20 - Movement

    00:32 - Enter & Exit The Ring

    00:56 - Strike Attacks

    01:22 - Combination Strikes

    01:29 - Grapples

    01:54 - Strong Grapples

    02:09 - Rear Grapples

    02:18 - Transition Moves

    02:29 - Dragging

    02:47 - Throw Out & In

    03:00 - Irish Whip

    03:14 - Rebound Moves

    03:36 - Running Moves

    03:53 - Ground Moves

    04:21 - Corner Moves

    05:00 - Top Rope

    05:35 - Rope Moves

    06:15 - Apron Moves

    06:39 - Apron To Ring

    06:52 - Springboard Moves

    07:52 - Taunts

    07:58 - Signature Moves

    08:37 - Special Moves (Finishers)

    09:08 - Stolen Finishers

    09:19 - Pinfalls

    09:42 - Submissions

    09:53 - Reversals

    10:34 - Dodge

    10:48 - Guards

    11:17 - Seated Position

    11:40 - Weapons

    Hidden Features, Secrets & Easter Eggs

    The video below is a showcase of all the hidden features and secrets in AEW: Fight Forever.

    AEW: Fight Forever Hidden Features, Secrets & Easter Eggs - Part 1

    00:00 - Intro

    00:16 - Hidden Entrance Features

    01:04 - Customise Entrance Effects

    01:57 - Bonus Weapons

    02:48 - Multiple Champion Entrances

    03:39 - Unique Championship Entrances

    04:25 - Hidden Weapon Feature

    05:27 - Ladder Match Features

    06:22 - Sloth Style

    07:08 - Special Barbed Wire Deathmatch Finisher

    AEW: Fight Forever Hidden Features, Secrets & Easter Eggs - Part 2

    00:00 - Intro

    00:15 - Stage Easter Egg

    00:56 - Brock Lesnar Reference

    01:30 - Dietary Requirements

    02:04 - CM Punk YouTuber Reference

    02:47 - Swap Entrance Props

    03:20 - Create Unique Entrances

    03:47 - Alternate Entrance Motion

    04:15 - Remove Adam Cole's Kneepad

    04:46 - Remove Penta's Glove

    05:06 - Wrestler Voices

    06:21 - Nintendo 64 Style Music

    07:16 - Huge Music Library

    07:34 - Special Weapon Finisher


    AEW: Fight Forever FAQ's

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