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Adorable Home Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Adorable Home

Last Updated: by Dennis

Adorable Home is a passive free-to-play simulation game for mobile devices where the objective is to plan a life with an in-game partner. After moving into a new suburb home with a pet cat named Snow your partner will have to go to work every day. While they are away you are tasked with earning 'love' which is the currency used in the game and comes in the form of a heart. This can be achieved in a number of ways and includes preparing meals for your partner and taking care of the feline friends you can purchase from the cat gift boxes at the shop which enable you to earn even more 'love'. The 'love' you earn can then be used to purchase items in the shop to decorate your new home and unlock the garden which you can buy things for that will attract animal characters referred to as 'visitors' in the game. Check out our Adorable Home Cheats and Tips to get help in the game.

Adorable Home Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include why you should invest in cats and why you should save your 'love' to purchase the garden. As well as these hints and tips we also have a mini-guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

Invest in Cats

Your starting cat in Adorable Home is Snow and subsequent cats need to be purchased at the shop via the cat gift box for 600 'love' each. Make sure you invest in these feline pets is your top priority as they basically act as 'love' boosters and pampering them in the three mini games is the most efficient way to earn 'love' in the game. Take a look at our How to get Love from Cats guide to find out how you can easily earn 'love' from the cat stroking mini game.

Keep Feeding the Cats

Make sure you continually feed the cats to earn 'love'. Tap the cat food bowl button on the bottom right of the screen to visit the backyard of your home. There you will be able to feed your cats, the higher quality of food you purchase for the cats the better the rewards you will receive.

Watch the Video Adverts

If you are low on 'love' you can get some easily by watching the daily ads on the TV in your lounge. All you need to do to watch them is click the word 'Love'. Each day there will be 10 adverts you can watch and each one you view will reward you with 50 'love' so you can earn 500 'love' every day. Take a look at our How to get Free Love guide to find out how you can get 'love' without spending real money on it.

Love your Partner

You can earn 'love' when you prepare healthy meals for your partner to take to work. The better the bento box you prepare the more love is returned. In order to discover the best foods for your partner, you need to experiment with various combos and customized bento boxes.

Unlock the Garden

Save up the 'love' you earn to buy the garden which costs 3,000 love. Once you have purchased the garden you will be able to buy items in the shop for it which will attract 'visitors' which refers to the animal characters that show up in the lounge and garden when you decorate your home. It is worthwhile getting as many of these animals as you can as they sometimes give you 'love'.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, but for further help, try our beginners guide, we also have some FAQs for Adorable Home, you can also submit your own questions there for other players to answer.



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