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A Total War Saga: Troy Cheats & Tips

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Cheats, Tips and Questions for A Total War Saga: Troy

Last Updated: by Richard

Released during August 2020, Total War Saga: Troy was initially available for free in the Epic Games Store for the first 24 hours! This release takes the Total War franchise to the Bronze Age and brings a number of new changes. You'll find some helpful Total War Saga: Troy tips below.

Resources and Trading and two really important elements in Total War Saga: Troy and we'll cover some of the best ways to get resources and take you through how to trade and barter in Total War Saga: Troy.

Total War Saga: Troy Resources

There are 5 different types of resources available in the game; food, wood, stone, bronze and gold. Each resource performs a unique function in the game, and while you will need some of all of them, the amounts that you need of each one will vary according to what stage of the game you are at. Let's take a look at each resource in more detail.

Used to increase your population size and recruit your army.

Used for building construction during the initial stages of the game, but is still useful later on easpecially for upgrades.

Later on stone will become a building material you'll use a lot of.

Used to upgrade your army.

This is the hardest item to acquire, and is used for construction of certain buildings, for trade and barter, and to recruit special units.

So you can see during the early stages in the game, you'll need loads of food and wood, later on, your focus will probably be on the other three resources as you build and upgrade your army and complete the full range of buildings.

How to get Resources

There are three ways to get resources in Total War Saga: Troy, firstly you can occupy a settlement, that will start a flow of the resource that you have occupied into your City. This is often the easiest way to gather resources but you can also get more resources by trading and winning battles. Below we take a more in-depth look at trading in the game.

How to Trade in Total War Saga: Troy

The easiest way to trade in the game is to find a settlement and cross reference what they are trying to give away with what you need, and likewise what you have an excess of and would like to swap out for another material. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use so it should be a piece of cake to find a faction that suits the trade you are looking to make.

As well as getting the resources you need, trading can also improve your relationship with other settlements.

How to Barter in Total War Saga: Troy

As well as trading, and gathering resources, another way to get the resources you need is to barter. There are two barter options in the game, single and continuous.

Use the single barter option if you know what you need immediately and can get what you need done with a single deal. Use the continuous barter option as a long term agreement if you have a large excess of one resource.


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