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Tales of the Abyss

Catalyst Weapons

Question asked by michaelhole137 on
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Catalyst Weapons

I've already obtained the "Nebilim" Sword for Luke, but I cannot find the other 5 Catalyst Weapons. I know where to find them, but whenever I try going to the corresponded Location(s) to obtain the other 5 weapons, the Cutscene doesn't trigger.

Are these exclusive to the 2nd Playthrough(aka: New Game+) or can I obtain them through the first Playthrough as well?

I'm currently on the First Playthrough BTW.

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CaptainDawnway answered:

Part 1: Done in Daath after you meet Reiner (After you get the Albiore)

* Make sure that Luke does not have Nebilim equipped. If it is, the first scene won't trigger.

Talk to Tritheim, then go to Keterburg. Go to Nephry's house and talk with her. Next, go to Grand Chokmah and find Emperor Peony in his chamber, where you get the Lost Celesti. Go to Jade's Office in the Malkuth Military Headquarters for another scene.

Part 2: Done in St. Binah after Natalia rejoins the party (After you clear the Absorption Gate)

* You have to have done part 1.

Speak with McGovern the Elder on the steps in the plaza. Go to the inn and talk to McGovern the Younger. Go outside the city & find August (not hard). Grab him and return and Glenn will give you Blood Pain.

Part 3: Done in Abandoned Factory after you clear Mt. Zaleho the second time

* You have to have done part 1 & the Sorcerer's Ring quest.

Take the aircar into the Abandoned Factory. Bypass the first ladder and climb the second. Climb up another one and head right. Use Mieu Wing to reach the ladder above your head. At the end of the pipe. Hit the switch across the way with Mieu Fire 2. Leave the way you came in. Take the other aircar (the one we just moved via that switch) into the factory. Take the catwalk in the rear right corner to the ladder and climb on up. The two chests contain a Sunlight Chamber and Holy Quelquatl, the next catalyst weapon.

Part 4: Done in Daath after strategy meeting in Grand Chokmah.

* You have to have done part 1.

Enter the cathedral & see Florian run by. Go east. Take the yellow fonic glyph to find him and obtain the Heart of Chaos.

Part 5: Done in Eldrant after Luke obtains the Swordsman of Lorelei title.

* You have to have done part 1 & the Sorcerer's Ring quest.

Start by going into the building right ahead of the area with the stairs where Luke got the Swordsman of Lorelei title. Head up the first set of stairs. Go up the second set and through the door on the left.

Go down the stairs and into a room with a ton of ladders. The pillars have yellow glyphs on them; hitting them with Mieu Attack will knock the pillars over. Hit the pillar at the foot of the stairs from the right, and it will fall to the left. Whack the other pillar from the bottom so that it falls up and lands perpendicular to the other one. * Leave the room via the doorway to the north.

* Be careful about which direction you hit the pillars! If you knock them over wrong, you're done with catalyst weapons for this playthrough, because there's no way to reset them.

There are two enemies on the main floor of this room. If the final blow of the battle is with a light elemental arte or a dark elemental rate, you can get a Light Fonstone and a Shadow Fonstone respectively. You'll need one of each. To ensure that it works, control the casters manually (Tear and Anise have several light and dark artes for this) and set the other characters to guarding via the battle commands if you have to, after they wear the enemy down a little. You can leave & re-enter to make these monsters reappear as needed, and there is a green heal/save at the top of the stairs. DO NOT go in the door by the save until you're ready for the final battle.

After you get the two Fonstones, go up to the passage ring looking thing and use the Light Fonstone. Head up the stairs to the south and into the room we were just in. The game will point out a switch -- DON'T STEP ON IT YET, as it will resent the room. If you do by accident, go back and get another Light Fonstone and turn the room again. For now, go right and up the ladder in the left corner. Hit the orb with Mieu Wing and head back down. If you want to get a Fonic Sword, climb the other ladder now and cross the switch. Continue along, grab the chest, hit the switch on the way back, and climb down the ladder to get back to where we were. Step on the switch I had you skip earlier to turn the room again.

Climb the ladder to the left of the doorway. Hit the orb with Mieu Wing if you want a Special Gel and then continue through the door we just opened. Head over to the center of the room. We're now directly above where we used the Light Fonstone before. Use your Shadow Fonstone up here to turn the room the opposite way. Head south into another room.

There are two blocks up the little staircase and on the left. Rotate them each once so that the slanted sides face each other (they should form a V shape). Step on the switch in the floor (back to the right and south) to rotate the room back to normal. We've been here before. Climb the large staircase and stand on the purple glyph on the floor between the two orbs. Note the two blocks on the wall. There the ones we just rotated. Aim Mieu Fire at them. Fire, switch to Mieu Wing, and Wing up between the two orbs before the fire bounces back, which will stop the fire between the two orbs (if the fire hits the second orb, the switch will reset). This may take a little practice. When you get it, a door down below will open. Head down the stairs and go through the door. Walk forward for a scene. When it's over, examine the weapon in front of you to obtain the Unicorn Horn, the final catalyst weapon. If you have them all, you'll get another scene.

Part 6: Done in Nebilim's Crag after "The point of no return" in Eldrant

* You have to have done part 1-5 and the Upgraded Flightstones quest

This is a very hard boss fight, so prepare well. After you're ready, head to the northwestern part of Sylvana, Keterburg's continent. You're going north and slightly west of Search Point 15. Break into the blizzard with the Albiore and land. There's a mountain in the northwestern corner of the area that looks like it's cracked in half. Land, save, and head on in.

Walk forward. Scene. Battle. She'll occasionally move toward the person she's targeting. When she does, pause, switch to that character, and get out of the way. When she uses the Big Bang mystic arte, there's enough time to pull of a Guardian or Magic Block to stop it from more or less murdering at least the character you're controlling. Use healing items freely and stick with it.

When the battle is over, view the ensuing scene and then head for Grand Chokmah. Talk to Emperor Peony in his chambers. Leave the palace and watch. You'll end up in the Military HQ. Depart for Daath and find Tritheim in the chapel to bring this quest to a close.

From here on out, the catalyst weapons will deal damage according to how many enemies each character has killed (if a character has killed a larger number of enemies, his or her catalyst weapon will get stronger). The maximum amount of damage they can deal is 9999.


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