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Pokemon Rumble Blast Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Rumble Blast


We have 32 cheats and tips on 3DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Rumble Blast please send them in here.

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All codes!!!

7746-3878 Pikachu
3535-6928 Gallade
7403-2240 Oshawott
0250-7321 Tornadus
9625-7845 Gliscor
6699-8898 Victini
2153-6742 Zoroark
0176-1458 Audino
3402-6485 Dialga
0835-7338 Snivy
2061-8332 Tepig
8819-8699 Thundurus
0442-4822 Lugia
4713-9936 Unfezant Female
6482-3610 Stunfisk
7111-4427 Serperior
5662-7748 Emboar
2452-2129 Samurott
0681-1611 Groudon
1959-4010 Garchomp
2159-4650 Eelektross

Unlockable Pokemon with Street Pass

Using the 3DS's Street Pass to meet the specified number of people listed below will unlock the associated Pokemon in the stated location:
Uxie in Sun-Dappled Bank: Lake Area - Meet 2 People
Mesprit in Soothing Shore: Lake Area - Meet 5 People
Azelf in Shimmering Lake: Lake Area - Meet 10 People
Manaphy in Rugged Flats: Beach Area - Meet 20 People
Phione in Rugged Flats: Beach Area - Meet 20 People
Jirachi in Firebreathing Mountain: Tower Area - Meet 40 People
Celebi in Everspring Valley: Forest Area - Meet 60 People
Mew in Sunny Seashore: Factory Area - Meet 80 People
Shaymin (Land Forme) in World Axle Underground 2F: Ice Area - Meet 100 People
Shaymin (Sky Forme) in World Axle Underground 1F: Forest Area - Meet 120 People

Reset Game

When starting a game hold A + Y + B + X and then release the buttons at the 'Title' screen. If done correctly a message will appear asking if you want to delete your data.

Legacy Mode

Having completed the game, hold L, are and Left (D-Pad) while on the title screen. With these buttons held, press A to start the game. You should then hear a noise.
This will activate Legacy Mode, resetting the environments to how they were at the start of the game. This lets you get low-power Pokemon regardless of your rank.

Unlock Special Toys (European Release)

Enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding special Pokemon in the indicated level. Passwords are entered by talking to Munna in Easterly Town. To add these Pokemon which have moves and/or abilities you cannot normally obtain to your collection you must first defeat them.
Articuno (4-1 Frozen Tundra):
Enter 2704-0204
Chop-Chop Gallade (4-2 Everspring Valley):
Enter 4291-0125
Daring Eelektross (3-2 Volcanic Slope):
Enter 6491-6130
Dialga (1-4 Challenger's Ground):
Enter 3681-9208
Effective Gliscor (4-3 Sunny Seashore):
Enter 7182-4825
Electric Up Pikachu (3-2 Volcanic Slope):
Enter 7580-5216
Fire Boost Tepig (2-2 Misty ..

Unlock Special Toys (US Release)

Use the passwords below to unlock special Pokemon in the specified levels. To enter a password, speak to Munna in Easterly Town. You must defeat them to add them to your collection. These Pokemon may have special moves and/or abilities that they normally cannot obtain. These only work with the North American version of the game.
Articuno (4-1 Frozen Tundra):
Enter 2364-4610
Audino (2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank):
Enter 0176-1458
Daring Eelektross (3-2 Volcanic Slope):
Enter 2159-4650
Dialga (1-4 Challenger's Ground):
Enter 3402-6485
Fire Boost+ Emboar (1-3 Echo Valley):
Enter 5662-7748
Gallade (in 4-2 Everspring Valley):
Enter 3535-6928

Unlock Special Toys (Japanese Release)

Enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding special Pokemon in the indicated level. Passwords are entered by talking to Munna in Easterly Town. To add these Pokemon which have moves and/or abilities you cannot normally obtain to your collection you must first defeat them.
Articuno (4-1 Frozen Tundra):
Enter 7322-0927
Audino - Mood Maker (2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank):
Enter 1975-5256
Dialga (3-3 Firebreathing Mountain):
Enter 9752-8353
Eelektross - Reckless (3-2 Volcanic Slope):
Enter 1562-5492
Emboar (1-3 Echo Valley):
Enter 8902-7345
Gallade - Dual Wield (4-2 Everspring Valley):
Enter 9616-8485
Garchomp - SuperStar (3-1 Rugg..

Hint how to get legends easily without going to timburr.

If you have a speedy type,use it.It tottally increased my chance of getting a shiny launchpad!hope this helped

Secret (P) Spots.

If you want to get some extra (P) there are spots across the maps where there looks like there isn't anything there. One spot is 2-4 at the lake. On the last part of the level, at the round spots at the far west and east parts.

Pokemon Toy Code

Unlocks a Zoroark, power around 1175. It has the ability Pokemon TC, increasing it's power in multiplayer or team battles.

Legendary Encounters

As was stated in another hint, you can encounter Legendary Pokemon as boss battles 5% of the time, but you must complete the story first. Some Legendaries require that they are seen a few times before you can battle them. Some also require you beat all the EX series team/battle royal battles.

Pokemon Toy Code

Unlocks a Tepig, power around 480, and has Flame Charge. It's ability is Fire Boost, increasing Fire type attacks.

Pokemon Toy Code

Unlocks a Tornadus with power around 934. It has the move Hurricane, but has no special ability.

Pokemon Toy Code

Unlocks a Victini, power around 444, and has V-Create. It doesn't have a special ability.

Pokemon Toy Code

Unlocks an Audino, power around 2100, and has the move Secret Power. It's ability is Rally, increasing allies power in team battles.

How to get Uxie, Mespirit, And Azelf.

You get Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf by getting 15 customers and going to (Uxie) 2-1 Sun-dappled bank lake and beating it up a bunch of times. (Mespirit) 2-3 Soothing-Shore lake and beating it up a lot. (Azelf) 2-4 Shimmering lake lake and KOing it a lot.

World Rank

There are 10 World Ranks in all. Each one can be upgraded for a specified amount of Poke by interacting with the orb in the EX room of the World Axle. When upgraded, the overall power level of the Pokemon in all maps increases,

Pokemon Toy Code

Grants a Pikachu. Power level around 812 and has Volt Tackle with the ability Elec. Boost, boosting Electric moves and reducing Electric damage.

Pokemon Toy Code

Unlocks an Oshawott with a power around 650 and the move Razor Shell. It has the ability Pokemon TC, which boosts power in multiplayer and team battles.

Pokemon Toy Code

Unlocks a Gliscor, power around 1485. It has the move Flame Charge and the ability Effective, increasing the power of super effective moves.

Pokemon Toy Codes

Go to Easterly Town and find the Munna to enter in certain codes to unlock more toys. You must find them in the respective areas and defeat them to befriend them.

Pokemon Toy Code

Grants a Gallade with power 1355 and has Fury Cutter and Night Slash. It's ability is Chop-Chop, allowing you to alternate between the two moves quickly.

Pokemon Toy Code

Unlocks a Dialga, power around 2190, and has the move Iron Tail. It has no special ability.

How-to get unknown.

When you beat the game go to 4-3 sunny seashore the hole you see go in if open then you get unknown A-Z.

How To Get Legendaries quick

First off get a Pokemon with speedy. Note certian places have legendaries depending witch one you pick so once you get a speedy just quickly go through the level at the end if the yellow catapult is shinning it is a legendariy if not go back to town and run it again Agility works also.

A buch of pokecoins and streetpass legendaries

You know how everyday you get money you can get it every minuete if you have the patince first go to settings change the date then go to the shopescope and the will give you money keep repeating this and you will get alot of money itt will probley duble due to how many times you did it or campaing progress and it will help you also help you get street pass legendaries may take a long time like I said if you have the patience.

EU + AUS Eleteric Boost Pikachu

Type in this password to munna in easterly town
7580-5216 Then Go to 3-1 and there is pikachu!
Move is volt tackle
Hope This Helps

Secret Coin Areas

1: 2-4 Lake. Two spots.
Just before the boss, check at the far east and west parts.
2: 3-1 Desert.
Attack in the middle of the quicksand pit.
3: Lava(I forget which one)
Attack on one of the dead-ended bridges.

Legacy Mode

On the title screen, after beating Dark Rust and the Dark Leigon, hold L+R+Left on the D-Pad until you hear a chime. In legacy mode all areas have no world rankings.

Temple Pokemon

If you go to 4-1, outside the temple (big circular part) you can use a long range attack and defeat a Pokemon randomly.

Where all the Legendary Pokemon Are 1st and 4th gen only

Articuno:Rocky Cave
Moltres: Firey Furnace
Zapdos: Enternal Tower
Mewtwo: Ticket
Mew: Password
Rotom: Silent Forest, Rocky Cave, Windy Prairie, Firey Furnace, Bright Beach, Enteral Tower.
Mesprit: Silent forest, Windy Prarie
Uxie: Rocky Cave, Bright Beach
Axelf: Firey Fernence Eternal Tower
Dialga: Ticket
Palkia: Ticket
Heataran: Firey Furnace
Regigias: Bright Beach
Girantina: Ticket
Cresselia: Silent Forest
Phonie: Ticket
Manaphy: Ticket
Darkria: Ticket
Shyamin: Ticket

AUS + EU Victini

Type this password to munna in easterly town
9082-7838 then go to 2-1 and there is victini!
Hope this helps

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