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Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends


We have 17 cheats and tips on 3DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends Questions & Answers page.

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Dog Breeds

Below is a list of the different breeds of dogs in the game and the required amount of Trainer points needed to unlock them.
Unlock Basset Hound:
3,600 Trainer points
Unlock Beagle:
3,600 Trainer points
Unlock Cavalier King Charles:
2,000 Trainer points
Unlock Chihuahua:
5,800 Trainer points
Unlock Cocker Spaniel:
3,600 Trainer points
Unlock Dalmatian:
7,400 Trainer points
Unlock Daschund:
5,800 Trainer points
Unlock German Shepherd:
7,400 Trainer points
Unlock Great Dane:
600 Trainer points
Unlock Husky:
2,000 Trainer points
Unlock Maltese:
2,000 Trainer points
Unlock Mini Pinscher:
7,400 Trainer p..

St. Patrick's Day Bonus

If you set your system clock so that the date is St. Patrick's Day (March 17th), and then pet your animal in game, you will be treated to a barrage of clovers!

Unlockable RoboPup

To get yourself a RoboPip, you need 11,000 Owner Points. Then, exchange exchange 7 wood, 5 metal, 7 rubber, 7 leather, 7 plastic and 3 stardust for a Voucher at Mr. Recycle to get the robotic dog!


When you are taking your dog for a walk and you see cones,weave through them without bumping them and you get a present at the end.


First: Save your nintendogs + cats game and go to the home screen
Next: On the home screen click on the settings icon and go to date and time
Next: Click on time and set the time to 1 minute before midnight! (23:59)
Next: Go back to your nintendogs and quickly save then go back to the home screen
Last: When it is exactly midnight go back to your game and now all the contests will be open to enter!! :D
Why should I use this cheat?
This cheat will make the game go faster, you will get rich faster and unlock the robo-pup faster!!

Don't buy your treats...

You all probably know this already, but this is for those who don't! Basically, do not buy your treats from the store. Walk your puppy on the pedometer, and if you don't want to walk around then just close the lid and sit and shake the Nintendo 3DS gently, and be careful not to accidently throw it across the room! For every 10 steps you take, you get a presant. From what I've found, from 10 to 1000 steps gets you treats, cat or dog. So don't waste money buying treats, when you can get them for free with a little wrist shaking! Anymore than 1000 steps I've found gets you items, just bits of plastic and the occasional leather shoe. I've never got more than 1500 because I'm a bit impatient, but hey i'll get there! As soon as you open the Nintendo it will tell you how many steps you took whi..

A little bit of help....

In Nintendogs 3DS there are a few ways to earn money. Obviously selling stuff and winning competitions. But if you by chance find a piggy bank, smash it. Unlike in Nintendogs it doesn't just break and give nothing. It gives you money. I got two of thirty and one of 15. If this helped anyone, please give reviews!!!! Thank you XOXOXO

Secret Path

After I got past 500 Trainer Points, I was walking through downtown when I saw a sign on the left of a person walking a dog. When I went up to it, it said that it was called the 'Secret Path'. Upon entering, I saw that it was full of those traffic cone slaloms. If you weave through them w/o touching them, you get a present!

"Competition Neighbors"

If you enter a competition you might find that one of your competitors is a "comptetition neighbor", a dog that you won't find on a walk, but you will find in a competition. They are owned by the people who work/own the shops(both the boutiques and the regular shops)but I don't think one is owned by Drew, the guy who works at the pet hotel. And one warning: Truffles is hard to beat in lure coursing. And here's some stuff that's to your advantage: Bella and Milo have tendencies to chew on the lure, but only one of them will chew it if they're both in the competition.

Geting not enough trainer points

You can not get a free dog you need trainer points.You can neither get free money without selling or winning anything so don't be buying any cheat code books that say any nintendogs or nintendogs + cats. Because it does not have a free money cheat or free dog cheat in it like cheat code explosion or something like that.

Change The Color Of Your Food Bowl

To change the color of your food bowl, select the name of the food (If I was using Premium Dog Food, I would select the WORDS, not the IMAGE of the dog food can.) then a description of the food would come up. On the top-right corner of the lower screen, a picture of a bowl with two arrows will come up. Tap on the arrows to change the color of the bowl.
Note: This also works with cat food.


To restart your game just press A,B,X and Y when the
Title comes up.

Easter Egg well kinda

If the dog you want isnt the color you want just do this (click surprise) if available and who knows you might get a spotted boxer or an almost completely black Shih Tzu

Secret paths

When you go for a walk you might see a sighn with a drawing with a person and dog walking drag youure dog there and there would be alot of pot lids that you can sell for over 20 bucks

2+ contests

To do this it is quite simple. Whenever you want to do this save you're game. Then go to settings and change time to 23:59. Then hurry and exit and go back to you're game. Save your game. Exit and close (to close exit and at hom is will say close) and wait till it says 00:00 then go back and do more contest

Restart Game

So you want to restart your saved game. Well here's how! Press and hold A,B,X and Y buttons
Together when the Nintendogs + cats logo is displayed after starting the game.

Buying a cat

Never ever buy a cat when you have not got as far as 6000 points overwise you wont be able to get all the cat material Smile hope it works, comment what happens xxx

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