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LBX: Little Battlers eXperience Cheats

Cheats and Tips for LBX: Little Battlers eXperience


We have 3 cheats and tips on 3DS. If you have any cheats or tips for LBX: Little Battlers eXperience please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our LBX: Little Battlers eXperience Questions & Answers page.

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Princess M

When you enter the following codes at MeTaMo (Save location) the corresponding item will become purchasable at Navarro's.
HG Achilles Lance & Shield (Wep):
Enter H3eL8L0k
HG AMB Rifle (Wep):
Enter 4Im5H007
HG Battle-Ax (Wep):
Enter 4x3grIND
HG Burn Knuckles (Wep):
Enter Fir3ClaW
HG Destroy-blade (Wep):
Enter Cu7ab0v3
HG Heaven's Edge & Nemesis Shield (Wep):
Enter D3M0NiZ3
HG Hope Stilettos (Wep):
Enter kICk8u77

HG Huntsman Rifle (Wep):
Enter PiNp0in7
HG In-bit Arms (Wep):
Enter 4rmu53lf
HG Kodachi (Wep):
Enter LazrdaGr
HG Retaliator (Wep):
Enter dUaLp0k3
HG Rifle of Doom (Wep):
Enter d0miNat3
HG Scattergun & Riot Shield (Wep):
Enter GunGuard
HG Titania (Wep):
Enter HaMm3r3d
HG Xenon Halberd (Wep):
Enter 8igs7iCK
NG Sapphire Queen (Set):
Enter HIghn3$$
NGKaz Trooper SP (Set):
Enter tr0jaN$P
TG Achilles (Set):
Enter H331P41n
TG AX-00 (Set):
Enter 80w57aff
TG Destroyer Z (Set):
Enter ChaiN$aW
TG Destroyer (Set):
Enter d3M0Li$h
TG Emperor (Set):
Enter INCharg3
TG Fenrir (Set):
Enter w0LFGUnr
TG G-Lex (Set):
Enter r0805aUr
TG Harlequin (Set):
Enter j0k30nm3
TG Hunter (Set):
Enter marKsd0g

TG Jiraiya (Set) & Yatagarasu Sword (Wep):
Enter NInJa807
TG Kunoichi (Set):
Enter kuNaI807
TG Nightmare (Set):
Enter 8aDDr3am
TG Odin (Set):
Enter alFa7H3r
TG Pandora (Set):
Enter op3nD80x
TG White Empress (Set) & Annihilator (Wep):
Enter oLyh3Ir
TG Xenon (Set):
Enter DrkniGH7

Capsule machine

The order is preditermend so on the 3rd try for emporer mk2 it will be his head and if you do another set it wil auto maticley be it 4th try since you've done a diffrent set 3 times, so you can buy a cheap set __ amount of times and then get your expensive set without wasting alout of money.

Unlock Extra Sets and Weapons

Enter the following codes at the MeTaMo save location to be able to purchase the corresponding item at Navarro's.
HG Battle-Axe:
Enter 4x3grIND
HG Xenon Halberd:
Enter 8igs7iCK
Nightmare Set:
Enter 8aDDr3am
Odin Set:
Enter alFa7H3r
Pandora Set:
Enter op3nD80x
Sapphire Queen Set:
Enter HIghn3$$
Blue Destroyer Z Set:
Enter ChaiN$aW
Yellow Kunoichi Set:
Enter kuNaI807
HG Achilles Lance (Weapon):
Enter H3eL8L0k
HG Burn Knuckles (Weapon):
Enter Fir3ClaW
HG Huntsman Rifle (Weapon):
Enter PiNp0in7

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