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Follow the dark path or use the light

Kid Icarus Uprising Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Kid Icarus Uprising


We have 22 cheats and tips on 3DS. You can also ask your question on our Kid Icarus Uprising Questions & Answers page.

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Easy heart points
1.go into together mode NEARBY
3.create a room in free-for-all with 6 players
4.go to rules and have the following settings
TIME LIMIT: 8-10 minutes
FIELD: small arena (suggested)
Now start the match on your own with CPUs and slaughter them for ten or so minutes by doing this I got about 4000 hearts per match.
I hope this was helpful.

Post-Credit Dialog
Complete the game and view the credits, then if you wait 5 minutes Hades will begin talking and threaten to delete your saved game file.

Kid Icarus Reference
When you lose a life and the hearts spill out of the fiend's cauldron hold the Analog-stick 'Down' to view a sequence of the hearts dropping into the Underworld and an 8-bit Reaper from the original Kid Icarus getting startled.

How to get palutenas bow
First you need to finish the game then if you have any feathers you need to go to hades's treasure hunt then you go to the middle and find chapter 24 then it says clear this chapter within 11 minutes but you use a feather then you need pandoras claws and twinnbellos cannon then you fuse the weapon and then you have your self palutenas bow

Zodiac Weapons
Hidden throughout the game are 12 Zodiac Chambers that contain special weapons. These weapons cannot be unlocked until you have found the Chamber and taken it's treasure. There are 9 types of weapons and 3 Powers.

Sagittarius Bow - Zodiac Chamber 2:
When you go down the ramp (Right before you meet Magnus), there is a tapestry decorating one of the bends. Run through it.

Taurus Arm - Zodiac Chamber 4:
In the room with the narrow path and two scythes, drop down to the Clubberskull pit. One of the holes is glowing. Jump into that hole.

Gemini Orbitars - Zodiac Chamber 6:
If you're lucky enough to fight Dark Pit in the underground temple, go check the temple's corners after defeating him.

Cancer Claws - Zod..

Palutena's Bow
To do this, you'll want hearts, the Instant-Death power, and anythig that does lots of damage or makes you run faster.

Bet hearts to lower the level on Chapter 24 to 0.0. Choose a strong weapon, and use the powers to run fast between trials and make short(er) work of the bosses, but save 1 Insant-Death attack for the final boss. Activate and kill. If you beat it in 11 minutes-, you can fuse weapons(like Twinbellows Cannon and Pandora Claws) to make the weapon, and buy it from the store.

Saving pitt on light vs. Dark or darkpitt
If you want to win you should always have somebody hunt down an enemy angel and the other teamate should stay by his/her angel and defend THIS MEANS don't BE AFRAID TO BE SHOT if your your angel is hurt seriously or the enemy angel is close by I would recommend taking bullets by flinging yourself infront of your angel EVEN IF IT MEANS DYING FOR HIM/HER

Unlock Palutena Blade and Palutena Bow
The Palutena Blade becomes available when you complete chapter 9 within 28 minutes or less and the Palutena Bow becomes available when you complete chapter 24 within 11 minutes or less. Setting the difficulty to 0 and equip the power Tireless will make it easier. Check out the video below to see how it is done.

Three Sacred Treasures Toggle
When you complete Chapter 9 or 23 an option of playing the chapter again with or without the Sacred Treasures will become available.

Unlock Hidden Option
Complete Chapter 21 to select a goddess (Palutena or Viridi) to watch over your menu.

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding feature.

Unlock Boss Rush Mode with Difficulty Levels:
Complete Boss Rush mode at least once.

Treasure Hunt Rewards Page 2:
Complete Chapter 11 in Solo mode.

Treasure Hunt Rewards Page 3:
Complete ALL 25 chapters in Solo mode.

Unlock ALL Music:
Complete Solo mode chapters and play 'Together' mode battles to unlock ALL music.

Palutena's Treasure Hunt Unlockables
Complete the following tasks to unlock additional idols, powers, hearts, music, and other features. Thse can then be viewed in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters.

100 Hearts:
Open a Treasure Box.

100 Hearts:
Acquire an idol.

100 Hearts:
Use a Power.

100 Hearts:
Die once.

300 Hearts:
Use Fuse Weapons to create a weapon.

300 Hearts:
Perform a melee attack while riding a grind rail.

300 Hearts:
Play Free-For-All.

300 Hearts:
Acquire a club.

5,000 Hearts:
Use Fuse Weapons to create 20 weapons.

500 Hearts:
Clear 5 chapters.

Air-Battle Reflecting
During an air battle in Solo mode you can reflect an enemy's shot by flicking the Analog-stick to one side then quickly flicking it again in the opposite direction. If timed correctly the shot can be reflected back at the enemy.

Hades's Treasure Hunt Unlockables
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding treasure. When unlocked they can be viewed in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters when you have beaten the game.

Weapon - Cutter Palm:
Use 100 items

Weapon - Drill Arm:
Fire a total of 50,000 shots.

Weapon - End-All Arm:
Recover onto your feet from a knockback 100 times.

Weapon - Ogre Club:
Clear Chapter 9 without using the Three Sacred Treasures.

8,000 Hearts:
Defeat Twinbellows before it can roar once.

Boss Battle Intensity:
Clear Boss Battle mode on easy difficulty.

Open 150 treasure boxes.

Perform 1,000..

Unlock Dialogue
Complete Solo mode to unlock the option to play the game with or without dialogue.

Fuse Weapons
A good way of improving your weapons is to complete chapters in a high intensity level and then fusing your weapons with other weapons to create better ones.

Special knockback recoveries
Press L When knocked back to do an Attack Get up
Press Left Dash or Right Dash to Roll get up.
Press Forward or Backward Dash to roll forward/backward.
This works with any character.

Greater than your enemy
To get the paleutena bow you must complete chapter 24 in 11 minutes but I know an easier way you can get past in 11 minutes first choose the strongest claws you can then set the intensity to 1.0 when you get there don't destroy land battle enemys you can destroy air battle enemies get pass the wave of enemies by using your powerful claws only destroy the enemies that block the doors once you destroy the wave and the door opens don't get any food or anything don't slow dowm just keep going even when you get tired keep running knock out the boss inside the door this is where the powerful claws come in handy keep reapeting those steps and you will get the paleutena bow

Sniper Mode
If you keep still during a Land Battle and then target the enemy and double tap the screen you will go into Sniper mode. This feature will make the camera zoom up on the enemy allowing you to snipe them. To zoom back out of Sniper mode just double tap the screen again.

Get Good Weapons
The best way to get good weapons is to complete chapters in a high intensity level and then fuse your weapons to get better ones. Don't forget you can also get weapons by redeeming hearts which you can also use to fuse.

Unluck Boss Rush Mode
When you defeat the Final Boss the Boss Rush mode will appear next to Chapter 25.

Viridi's Treasure Hunt Bonuses
Complete the indicated tasks during the game to unlock additional idols, powers, hearts, music, and other features. These bonuses can be viewed in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters.

Idol - Three Sacred Treasures:
Perform 300 melee attacks.

Power - Freeze Attack Level 2:
Acquire 5 different bows.

Power - Transparency Level 2:
Acquire 5 different arms.

Weapon - Babel Club:
Defeat 25 bosses.

Weapon - Crusader Blade:
Recover on yout feet from a knockback 50 times.

Weapon - Electroshock Arm:
Open 50 treasure boxes.

Weapon - Viridi Palm:
Acquire 5 different palms.

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