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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening Cheats for 3DS

We have 6 cheats on 3DS

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Easy levels, renown and money. (support and weapon proficiency if wanted)Added 17 Jul 2014, ID #1210
For easy levels, money and renown, all you need to do is get loads of reeking boxes (sold in the shops at chapters 3 and 25 for 500 gold) and keep on summoning risen then fighting (grinding). Some should drop small bullions,(worth 1000 gold) which you can sell. It also helps to level up chrom, the avatar and everyone else level up. It should also give 10 renown for each summon. So if you do this correctly, you will be a walking pile o' cash.

Renown Awards Added 10 Oct 2013, ID #780
When you have the indicated amount of Renown you will gain instant and free access to the following items after you have cleared Chapter 3. Renown is earned by completing non-DLC battles (10 for Story or Skirmish, 50 for Spotpass or Streetpass battle, and various amounts for Double Duel). Items can only be obtained once per file and Renown is not spent when they are obtained. To carry over Renown to new files you must clear the final chapter.

Alm's Blade:
Earn 8,000 Renown.

Beast Killer:
Earn 400 Renown.

Bolt Axe:
Earn 1,800 Renown.

Earn 50,000 Renown.

Bullion (L) (10,000 Gold):
Earn 1,000 Renown.

Celica's Gale:
Earn 550 Renown.

Earn 3,500 Renown.

Energy Drop:
Earn 330 Renown.

Ephraim's Lnce:
Earn 810 Renown.

Glass Sword:
Earn 50 Renown.

Goddess Icon:
Earn 900 Renown.

Earn 10,000 Renown.

Hector's Axe:
Earn 7,250 Renown.

Innes's Bow:
Earn 2,600 Renown.

Leif's Blade:
Earn 1,500 Renown.

Levin Sword:
Earn 270 Renown.

Earn 720 Renown.

Earn 3,000 Renown.

Micaiah's Pyre:
Earn 9,000 Renown.

Naga's Tear:
Earn 30,000 Renown.

Noble Rapier:
Earn 4,000 Renown.

Orsin's Hatchet:
Earn 150 Renown.

Earn 5,000 Renown.

Second Seal:
Earn 100 Renown.

Secret Book:
Earn 630 Renown.

Seed of Trust:
Earn 210 Renown.

Seraph Robe:
Earn 2,200 Renown.

Sigurd's Lance:
Earn 5,750 Renown.

Earn 1,200 Renown.

Spirit Dust:
Earn 470 Renown.

Supreme Emblem (99,999 Gold):
Earn 99,999 Renown (Max).

Earn 6,500 Renown.

Tiki's Tear:
Earn 4,500 Renown.
Massively powerful unitsAdded 7 May 2013, ID #648
To make any unit supremely overpowered, get them to level 20 (30 for dragons and beasts), then use a second seal on them, but make them the same class. It will reset their level to 1, but keep their stats the same, so you have 19 more levels to train your favourite units. Enjoy!
Unlimited Stats for Avatar Logbook CharactersAdded 26 Feb 2013, ID #555
Collect a large number of stat increasing items and gold and then save the game. Recruit a character from the Avatar Logbook and apply as many stat increases as you want to that character. Update the avatar logbook for that character and then create a new saved game. Load the first saved game and keep repeating the process until stats are maxed.
Unlock BonusesAdded 15 Feb 2013, ID #554
The following bonus features become unlocked when you have beaten the game once.

Unlock Support Log:
Beat the game once.

Unlock Theater:
Beat the game once.

Unlock Unit Gallery/Sound Test:
Beat the game once.
Unlock Lunatic+ ModeAdded 1 Feb 2013, ID #548
When you complete Lunatic mode the Lunatic+ mode where OP skills are randomly placed on enemies will become unlocked.

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