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Wonder's of the Dragonache hint for Viva Pinata


Wonder's of the Dragonache

Have you always been looking for that rare dragon-looking pinata to show up as a visiter to your garden? Well, sad to say this, but a Dragonache does NOT just show up. Many steps have to be taken to get this beautiful creature.

To start out with, you must be able to aquire a Diggerling. If you are able to get one, then you may also buy a Mine. Diggerlings (Workers who dig) Will dig in a mine if you get one built by Wille the Builder. Keep in mind though- you must hire a Diggerling (around 2,000 cc) AND buy a Mine (around 15,000 cc)- to be able to have a Diggerling dig.

Once you have a Diggerling ready to dig, make sure he is happy. Improving happiness would include a close by "Worker Home" and a Canadary with a gas mask. Rumors have it that watering him makes him happier. Well it doesn't, and he has to be happy to get what you want!

Diggerling will start diging every game day, he may come out with nothing, or he may have a gem. But if you are a Dragonache hunter, you would want him to come up with an Egg. This Egg is a Drangonache egg, it will not say that- but it is the only egg you can get out of the Mine.

To Hatch the egg get a Cluckles from "Paper Pets" lead the Cluckles to the egg and she will hatch it. Out will pop a wonderful Dragonache. The Dragonache will become a member right away!

It seems that you can get different colored Dragonaches... Hmmm.
Well- guess what? It's true! The color of your Drangonache is chosen by where the egg hatches. For example.

IF the egg is in the WATER... I hope you like the color blue.
SOIL? Brown for mud!
Nice grass will go great with the Pinata's GRASS colored body.
Eww, DRIED OLD DIRT? Well a gold dragonache is cool though!

Those colors can be the color of your Pinata, just place the egg where the thing that turns it it's color is!

A last final hint. If you hire more Diggerlings, the egg will be found faster, more workers, faster the work is done! Right? Also, the egg can be sitting on anyside of the Mine so look all around it. Lastly, the Dragonache is amazing, it does not fight, it can not be broken, and it can not get sick! Have fun!

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Actually the dragonache can fight. It is unusual for it to lose. But if it does it coughs out a joy candy and it doesn't get sick

Added 27th Apr 2014, ID #379394

All you need is a mine, and a diggerling or two, then you should get a chicken, and you'll have a Dragonache in no time! :D

Added 4th Jun 2011, ID #46825

The dragonache is actually a egg you need to buy a mine and 4. Digglings
One conadary

Added 15th Apr 2011, ID #37581

you can only find one?

Added 8th Aug 2010, ID #7995


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