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Snowball man

To stack 2 snow blocks on top of each other then put a pumpkin on top of the 2 snow blocks and walla!
-tip- do something to keep the spiders away from the snowball man

Added 4 Apr 2013, ID #9118, by Guest and get

To make a monster prison

Go on creative mode and build house like prison then you pick a monster of your choice then you get to follow you when you get it to your prison break a whole in the wall an go in it with your monster then get an iron door or blolcks and block the whole and put a whole in the roof fly out and block it up

Added 24 Mar 2013, ID #9102, by Guest

Teleport to Top of Map

If your in a hole and want to get to the top of the map without all the mining then here is an easy trick. Dig 2 blocks out and then place glass panes there. Save the game when you are standing up close to the glass. Exit the game then start it back up again. You should be at ground level unless there were any dungeons above you!

Added 21 Jan 2013, ID #8981, by Guest


Allyou got to do is make a snow golem/man and trap it where you can see it's feet but it can't get then take a shovel and hit the ground at the snowmans feet but don't hit him! Snow should just keep apearing. Plz like this.hope it helps you

Added 5 Jan 2013, ID #8939, by theawesomeking1234


Onse you dig down 3 blocks of stone make 64 stone slabs then mine them then you will find diamond or gold or iron

Added 2 Dec 2012, ID #8867, by ryantaylor09

Duplication glitch

Use a dispenser and get a dimond sword and pick then half way break the dispenser then switch to the dimond sword then get in it and hold A on the item stick the item in the fuel

Added 31 Oct 2012, ID #8776, by Guest

Dupliation Glitch. NOT PATCHED!!!

On the xbox360 minecraft get a stone iron gold or diamond pic (wooden doesn't work) and a different weapon like a stone sword. Then get a furnace and take any item and hold a on the fuel and there you go!

Added 14 Oct 2012, ID #8735, by MinecraftCheater101

Non stop shooting til you wanna stop in xbox 360 minecraft

Trying to make a nether portal I failed so I surrounded it with redstone plopped a dispenser down put a redstone behind it leaveing one block space between the ring around failed nether portal so I put a redstone torch on the opposite end of dispenser (not between ring and dispenser nor in front of disepenser) plop a lever in failed nether portal and hook up ring and dispenser set up a trap (atleast 4 blocks high)put an iron door as entrance but only put pad on outside of door,on block 1 of building the wall of the trap opposite of door put a block second space(so you can do this trick)on third block put a block fourth block will be the roof of trap,lure some thing into trap like example and can be used for achievement lure a creeper in make sure your dispenser with atleast 64 arrows and when the creeper is trapped you get to the failed netherportal flip switch and instead of needing to flip shoot flip off you can flips hoot and flip shoot no need to stop(unless creeper is dead which this gets you achieve and reward,or you are out of arrows meaning you did something wrong since it shouldve been dead before you are out of ammo)you can do this all day if you have the ammo,and be sure to have a place nearby incase it's night time and your shooting range is poorly lit,reload everyday so thats how you do it if I can I shall upload something without a tag if this works.

Added 15 Aug 2012, ID #8616, by Guest

New Dispenser Duplication Glitch

Note: May not work on first try!

You Need:

1. Pickaxe

2. Sword

3. Dispenser

4. Thing you want to duplicate.

5. Chest


1. Place Thing you want to duplicate in the middle slot on the dispenser.

2. Set Chest 5 blocks away from dispenser

3. Get out Pickaxe and Sword.

4. Jump on top of Dispenser.

5. Mine the Dispenser until it is about to explode.

6. Immediately switch to your Sword before it explodes.

7. Go to the dispenser and hold A on the desired item

8. After you see glitched piece of desired, go to Chest.

9. You go to the chest, go to every slot and hold down the X button until each slot has 64.

Added 31 Jul 2012, ID #8575, by KnockEmDead1996

Duplication glitch simple

First have the FULL VERSION of minecraft then go to sistem setings highlight the memory unit that you use or will be using press Y then to CLEAR SYSTEM CACHE {it tah
Kes off downlowde but dosent earase them} then enter minecraft if online CANCEL the upload do the dispecer glitch {if possible break dispencer with a DIAMOND PICKAXE} it would work better save AND EXIT the game because of the risk of jamming the game {you know} then have fun NOTE: be aware of the risk of having the "MINECRAFT XBOX360 VERSION" sign stuck when playing and having steve {your character} be made of bar codes{creapy even animals!}as it can lead to jamming the game althogh it worked the first time I made 5 boxes worth iron
Credit to ACE WILDCAT 001 for this version of the discovery

Added 22 Jul 2012, ID #8551, by Guest


Delete update then do the regular duplication glitch then update again then you should have the items before

Added 20 Jun 2012, ID #8463, by Guest

Stick to edge

The Crouch button controls whether you crouch or not. When crouched, your character will stick to an edge if you try to walk off. You simply can't fall when you do this. Very useful for making a sky path.

Added 16 Jun 2012, ID #8454, by Dragonxxx571

Minecraft Xbox Live premium theme

Pause the game, then press Y to upload a screenshot to Facebook to unlock the Minecraft Xbox Live premium theme.

Added 8 Jun 2012, ID #8441, by Dragonxxx571

Duplication Glitch [PATCHED]

1. You must have 2 people in the game you and a friend for this to work.

2. Create a dispenser with 7 cobblestone 1 bow and 1 redstone

3. Place your item in the dispenser as seen in the video I used diamond use whatever you'd like.

4. Have your friend break the dispenser changing the item from 1 to 64.

5. Put the 64 stack in your inventory and NOT your hot bar otherwise it wont work.

6. Go over to your chest and place each item 1 by 1.

7. Have fun and do it for whatever items you'd like.

Added 8 Jun 2012, ID #8440, by Dragonxxx571
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