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Some good things you should know to survive Halo 3 in Campaign a cheat for Halo 3


Some good things you should know to survive Halo 3 in Campaign a

Some things you should know about Halo 3 for your survival in Campaign and/or Multiplayer:

1) How to steal a wraith: This works best if you are facing a wraith with a gunner, you need to kill the gunner first, this for some reason deals damage to the wraith, next climb on the hood of it, smash it 2 times and the driver should fall out dead, the wrait will be a little damaged but you get it from your opponent (*NOTE* I don't know if this works with the AA Wraiths, I have only tried it on the regular purple Plasma Mortar Wraiths). Though once you steal it try not to get shot too much since the wrait will be damaged from the blows you inflicted upon it.

2) Deflect a Rocket/Brute-Shot Shot/Grenade/Fuel Rod Gun Blast
To deflect one of the you NEED a Gravity Hammer that still has some charges left, when your opponent shoots one of those at you or throws a grenade at you, swing the gravity hammer when it gets really close and you send it flying away, useful when they are trying to stick you with a grenade or using a Rocket Launcher.

3) In campaign if you're really getting killed and Arbiter is nearby, HIDE, he cannot be permanantly killed and seems to never run out of ammo, so if you're getting owned by something, hide somewhere far away and let Arbiter do all the hard work while you stay safe and are free to roam around for extra grenades and ammo and better guns, etc. Then go back every couple of minutes to check if Arbiter killed them yet (helpful for the last level on Normal and up when you're facing the flood horde when you're going to go to activate the Halo ring).

4) If someone is camping, try to get alot of people to swarm him so he can't keep camping there, and just for good measure, put a proximity mine right by the doorway on the inside so if he decides to try again, he gets a nasty surprise.

5) In legendary, never try to melee ANYTHING at all even a grunt because chances are his buddies are going to show up and you're going to be in big trouble then, unless you have about 2-3 grenades, you're going to die sorry. Especially if a brute or Brute Chieftan comes along then you're really not going to survive long.

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