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Infinite Money (Manager & Player/Manager Mode) cheat for FIFA 11


Infinite Money (Manager & Player/Manager Mode)

Follow these steps (XBOX 360 ONLY):

1. Go to XBOX Dashboard and select "SYSTEM SETTINGS"
2. Press Y on your hard drive and select "CLEAR CACHE"
3. After that load up FIFA 11
4. It will then say disconnected from xbox live because an update is required. DO NOT UPDATE!!!!!!
5.Start a new manager mode or player/manager with any team of your choice. Note that the lower the league your team is in the harder it will be to transfer better players.
6. Go to "TRANSFERS" and select "SELL PLAYERS". At the top of the list should be loaned players. Make sure you have 1 player loaned IN NOT OUT. If not just go to "BUY PLAYERS" and find someone to loan in.
7. When you have a loaned in player go to "BUDGET ALLOCATION". Set the ratio in here to 0:100.
8. Go back to "SELL PLAYERS" and end the loaned in player's contract. It will say there will be a fee to pay, but you have no transfer budget. Press A and the player will disappear. GLITCH?
9. Go back to BUDGET ALLOCATION. It will say the ratio is 99:1. Now change it to 60:40. Notice the amount of transfer fees you have and player wages.

To make this cheat work you MUST CLEAR YOUR CACHE as it contains all updates on your console. This glitch was patched by the new dashboard update. SO CLEAR YOUR CACHE!!!!!

After you have done the glitch you may save your game and connect to xbox live. Accept the update and reload your game. You will still have all your money and you can talk to your friends at the same time.


Added by: Guest Nov 28th 2010, ID#6648 and get
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Is thare a money cheat like that for psp fifa 10 on manager mode

Added 30th Dec 2011, ID #100614

it works just fine

Added 17th Nov 2011, ID #88013

It does work as of 8/26/2011 ive tried it and it works, go to system setting and delete "cache" and "update" then go into fifa and its gonna say do you want to download update, just decline and go into the game, go to career mode and pick your team, go to buy player and go to "loan" on the loan player list just buy the lowest rated player and offer him loads of wages to make sure he comes, then go to budget allocation and set it to 0:100, let the player accept and sign him, go to sell players after and end the loan of the player you just signed, it should give you a negative amount on transfer funds, now you go back to budget allocation and put it to 50:50, you "should have" over 2 billion in transfer funds, or you can simply youtube it also.

Added 26th Aug 2011, ID #70327

Does this work for the 360? I tried to delete the update and then do a the other steps to get the money but it didn't work. It said no funds.
Help please!!

Added 21st Aug 2011, ID #69097

Does this work for the 360? I tried to delete the update and then do a the other steps to get the money but it didn't work. It said no funds.
Help please!!

Added 21st Aug 2011, ID #69093

Will it delete my virtual pro?

Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #66441

once i completed this and tried re-installing the update it would do a tiny bit of it then not move, any help

Added 11th Aug 2011, ID #66034

do you have to have xbox live???????

Added 8th Aug 2011, ID #65137

I had the same issue as You guys but realised when You sell players at the same time it messes up the budget allocation so if You do this then make sure You dont sell any players Just buy them and once You have all the players You need then sell the players You dont want or need. Hope this helps but remember to delete the update by going into the hard drive and selecting Fifa 11 and also remember to delete the cache by going on the hard drive and pressing the Y button (X Box 360), Chris

Added 4th Aug 2011, ID #64065

when i try to send the loan player back a message pops up saying you have ran out of funds, any help

Added 2nd Aug 2011, ID #63478

i think it dose

Added 2nd Aug 2011, ID #63367

It wont work

Added 31st Jul 2011, ID #62920

when I try to buy players the team accepts the transfers but then the player won't accept they keep sending me back requests for diffrent wages and then when i give them the wage they want even if it's higher they'l send a new one and eventually they'l say it's not going anywhere why does it do this can someone help? :(

Added 24th Jul 2011, ID #60714


Added 20th Jul 2011, ID #59434

does it delete your ultimate team when you 'clear system cache'?

Added 16th Jul 2011, ID #58437

Ah mate your a beaut u have to delete #6 update then clear cashe took me a a bit if time to figure that out lol cheers matey

Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #57645

it works, but as soon as i try to buy players, it says ran out of funds and shows -2 billion :(

Added 25th Jun 2011, ID #52015

if you delete cache does it delete your ultimate team

Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50678

This does work even on the latest dashboard too.
Go into Dashboard | System Settings | Memory
Select your HDD and press the Y button.
Then select Clear System Cache from the menu it brings up.
Accept the prompt about performing system maintenance.

Added 30th May 2011, ID #45838

This works great, thank you.

For people struggling; Make sure you delete the 'update #6' or any other update for fifa (same place as game saves) then go to 'memory' press Y then 'clear cache' and it will work.

Added 19th May 2011, ID #43849

thanks so much you are a legend

Added 14th May 2011, ID #42845

Non funziona piu nemmeno su xbox pur avendo eliminato le cache boh

Added 11th May 2011, ID #42489

How can this work with PS3...surely there is a system restore or something?

Added 7th May 2011, ID #41877

i removed updatde and it still wont work

Added 3rd May 2011, ID #41242

It's patched... PS3 is still down!!! back on tomorrow *apparently* )

Added 2nd May 2011, ID #41106

Pressing "y" isn't working. What do i do

Added 1st May 2011, ID #40900

delete the update from the hard drive n do it that way

Added 23rd Apr 2011, ID #39215

doesnt work anymore unfortunatly

Added 21st Apr 2011, ID #38679

Works a treat

Added 13th Apr 2011, ID #37187

does not work anymore unfortunatly

Added 24th Mar 2011, ID #34020

Thank you sir

Added 10th Mar 2011, ID #32110

Do u have to have xbox live ?

Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #28627

What a legend!

Added 19th Dec 2010, ID #21630

what a superstar been trying to do this for ages i didnt know u had to clear the catch first what a diamond cheers matey ur a star.

Added 6th Dec 2010, ID #20407


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