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Unlock Lasor Sword

When you have beaten the game and unlocked overtime mode and got the 5-Day Survivor Achievement the laser sword will spawn in the security room along with your wrestling boots and Megaman outfit.

Added 21 Jan 2008, ID #2024, by Sanzano and get

Punch Bag Bonus

At Al Fresca Plaza in the Flex's Gym break each punch bag along the back wall for 2,000 PP each and then 10,000 PP for breaking them ALL.

Added 21 Aug 2006, ID #373, by Sanzano

Ending Requirements

Get the following achievements in 72 Hours mode to unlock the corresponding ending

Unlock Ending A:
Solve ALL the cases and return to the Heliport at 12am on the 22nd

Unlock Ending B:
Solve ALL the cases and rescue a certain amount of survivors

Unlock Ending C:
Don't get to the Heliport on time and solve ALL the cases

Unlock Ending D:
At 12am on the 22nd be a prisoner of the Special Forces

Unlock Ending E:
Don't be at the Heliport and don't solve ALL the cases

Unlock Ending F:
Fail to collect ALL of Carlitos bombs on act 7-2

Added 14 Aug 2006, ID #363, by Sanzano

Unlockable Playing Modes

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding playing mode

Unlock Infinity Mode:
Obtain the 'True Ending'

Unlock Overtime Mode:
Complete the first 72 hours of Frank's stay in the mall and then return to the helipad by noon on the 22nd

Added 9 Aug 2006, ID #354, by Sanzano

super easy pp and a lot of zombie deaths

First go to the hardware store in al fresca plaza set up a barricade and get alot of lead pipes and throw them at the zombies. It's a timed insta kill that gives you pp. After that kill some zombies with queens and since your in al fresca plaza theres millions of zombies clusterd together so bombs away if it gets to late run over to the fitnest place and got to the bathroom and save make sure none of the windows are broken the when the lights come back on run back to the hardware store and let the zombie killing spree begin again

Added 27 May 2010, ID #5836, by cheatwizlv100

Second best melee wepon

If you can't beat adem the clown (like me) the best melee wepon is the maniken torso. Yes, you read right the maniken torso. You can pretty much take down almost every physcopath.

Added 11 Jun 2009, ID #4538, by Inua


A great way to kill a bunch of zombies is to use the soccer ball. It will usually bounce off other zombies and kill others.


Added 21 Jan 2009, ID #3856, by racoondude

Easy PP!!!!!!!!

First, go to the plaza where you fight this insane old dude and a bunch of phycos (at least 50). Go where all the zombies are (you WILL se them!) and take pictures and you should get 2000PP each time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 8 Aug 2008, ID #2921, by isom97

Sub-machine gun

Near the car park (outside) there is a tree with a rock underneath it and in the tree there is a sub-machine gun but you don't have to throw the rock at it but it's muck easier

Added 1 Jun 2008, ID #2587, by Red.t666

The Treadmill trick

Go to the gym and run onthe treadmill and it will give you 2,ooopp but when you run on all of them it gives 10,000pp

Added 1 Jun 2008, ID #2586, by Red.t666

Easy Way To Kill Zombies

When you are outside the shopping mall (were the 3 phscyopaths are in the car) Along one of the walls is a sort of tunnel go through it there will be quite a few zombies there but just walk past them after you have done that there will be a sports car and a motorbike in the car park get in one of the vehicles and go through the tunnel you didnt come through before there will be a bit of a wait because a loading screen will come up after it's gone off there will be loads and loads of zombies down that tunnel just keep running them over and you will have killed loads of zombies in just a short time

Added 2 Apr 2008, ID #2371, by Cal921

Kathy Peterson can be saved!!!!

Just about impossible I noticed at the start when the zombies get let in protect KATHY PETERSON and clear all the zombies out her way STAY and protect her when most zombies are cleared out her way she will start to limp to the stairs this is the hard bit she will not stop if there are zombies in her way thats why you grab a bench or tv or bin and run ahead and kill all the zombies if she makes it up the stairs youve saved her OH BY THE WAY all the others at the start must be dead to do this like verelene wills alan peterson mark and brian ect

Added 30 Mar 2008, ID #2356, by dark devil no1


I was in the food court and I had a sledge hammer and I jumped off of a table and atacked.
Then the game froze and then unfroze and I was hovering.
I tried it on other tables and it worked.
(may not work on other dead rising discs)

Added 12 Mar 2008, ID #2268, by kilsoftly2323

Indoorsman And Outdoorsman Achievements for the Price of One

Okay, so if you don't want to waste 4 hours of sitting inside and outside then simply do this glitch. First, start a new game and go down to entrance plaza. But don't activate the cutscene that lets the zombies in. If you want to go do something else for 2 hours, then make sure that you make the right analog stick move to the right or the left by taping it down, or just put something on it to make it stay. Then when the 2 hours is up, come back and make sure you got the Indoorsman achievement. If you didn't get it yet then make sure that it is noon on the 2nd day. When you do get it then let the zombies in and just run to the stairs. After the cut-scene in the security room, save your game and turn your 360 off then back on. When you get back to the main menu, load your game and when you can move Frank again, look and you should get the Outdoorsman achievement.

Added 24 Jul 2007, ID #1401, by xxdarkblade14xx

Easy Karate Champ

To get the Karate Champ achievement quickly is a bit of a drag but just use the double lariet move time and time again on the multiple zombies down in the M. Tunnels


Added 4 Jul 2007, ID #1327, by zubzero8

Easy Perfect Gunner

To get the Perfect Gunner achievement easily and without breaking a sweat, go into the Butcher's place and unload an SMG into a side of beef that is hanging from the cieling. I don't know why but this counts as a hit.


Added 4 Jul 2007, ID #1326, by zubzero8

Easy experince

At the start when you are on the roof find natalie meyer and bring her to jeff meyer get a picture of when they hug then go through the elevator to the zombies then let them kill you then choose to save and you'll start at the beging but you'll have the experince of the picture of them hugging then just repeat P.S the shot of them hugging is worth up to 10'000

Added 28 May 2007, ID #1178, by matthewhruza

PP gain: Objects and Locations

Easy PP gain: Objects and Locations:

Line serverbot faces with the correct place/Toy Store/Paradise Plaza/10,000 PP

Use stoves:2,ooo PP each/10,000 PP in all
-Colombian Roastmasters/Paradise Plaza
-Jill's Sandwhiches/Paradise Plaza
-Chris's Fine Foods/Food Court
-That's A Spicy Meatball/Food Court
-Colombian Roastmasters/Al Fresca Plaza

Use Microwaves:2,000 PP each/10,000 in all
-Jill's Sandwhiches/Paradise Plaza
-Chris's Fine Foods/Food Court
-Jade Paradise/Food Court
-Teresa's oven/Food Court
-Central Taco's/Food Court

Use all 5 Treadmills/Flexin' Gym/Al Fresca Plaza/2,000 PP each/10,000 PP in all
Destroy Punching bags/Flexin' Gym/Al Fresca Plaza/2,000 PP each/10,000 PP in all

Shoot all Display Dishes/Chris's fine Foods/Food Court/1,000 PP each/10,000 PP

Ride the Space Rider/Wonderland Plaza/10,000 PP

Added 9 Apr 2007, ID #1075, by seth_gamerlife

How to aim good with good weapons!

Here is a way to kill zombies or mini-bosses fast. First, you need any kind of gun, but I should request that you should get the snipers, shoguns, sub machine gun, heavy machine gun, and the machine gun you get from the special troops. All you have to do is stand their and press the shoot button once at a time and Frank should kill the zombies one at a time. Here I will list soime of the types of gun you can use and how good are they at aiming:

Sniper Gun: It has really good aiming and can kill 30 zombies without missing a bullet if the zombies are in a group. Each time you shoot your gun, frank aims at their heads and you see alot of bleed, and taking a picture of it will be good PP.

Shogun: This weapon is really good at killing multiple zombies at once and can clear alot of pathways that are swaming with them. It has good aiming and can kill more then 60 zombies if used where their is groups of zombies.

Sub Machine Gun: This gun has good aiming and can kill 100 zombies with each bullet without missing. This gun can also help clear pathways and kill many zombies that are surounding you.

Heavy Machine Gun: This gun is my favorite because it has really good aiming and can kill zombies in one shot. This gun is good on mini bosses and on bosses that run away like the dude that throws those bottles that explode ( I forgot his name). You should never miss with this gun, as this gun can kill up to 230 zombies if used on zombies that are REALLY close together.

The Machine Gun: This gun is one of my favorites as it has really good aiming and can kill zombies in one shot. This gun can be used for anything such as clearing pathways, kill zombies, killing mini bosses, and killing zombies that are close to you. Use this gun on the tunnels under the mall where there is ALOT of zombies, you can use the method as standing their and pushing the shooting button one at a time, you might even get the PERECT GUNNER achievement.

The Pistol: This gun has poor aiming has it misses it's targets mostly everytime. I request not to use this gun all the time. I always have one in my inventory, just in case I waste all of my guns. This gun is bad and has no good aiming.

To kill mini bosses with guns fast: I usually get the Heavy machine gun, sniper, and the machine gun, but I request you to use the Heavy machine gun and just stand their and press the shoot button one at a time and you should never miss with this gun and it gives alot of damage to the mini bosses and it kills them faster. For one mini boss, I request using the sniper or the Heavy nmachine gun on the long haired punk that throws the exploding bottle. The sniper gun can shoot from faraway distances and the heavy machine gun gives alot of damage and likely won't miss. I hoped I helped and I will be posting more so look for mine for they will help beat the game quickly, Hail Satan!

Added 8 Mar 2007, ID #970, by satanistofhell555

Shotgun at the start of the game

When you atart inside the mall,(when you need to get stuff for the barricade) a guy named Brian or Mark is talking with another guy. When the zomies come inside, look for Brian or Mark (look quickly because he dies very fast) and go to where he died (he will be surrounded by zombies) and you will see a shotgun with ammo in it then you can go F*CKING BANG, BANG, BANG!

Added 16 Feb 2007, ID #905, by Dos6650
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