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Mr. Freeze Boss Battle Guide hint for Batman: Arkham City


Mr. Freeze Boss Battle Guide

We all remember that battle, right? It was creative and fun, and it was easily the best boss in the game. But in New Game+, it becomes incredibly frustrating to beat Freeze. This hint will let you know all 10 ways to take Mr. Freeze down, so you can adapt YOUR strategies to his adaption of your strategies... My head hurts now.

1. Sneak Attack - This one is simple. Just sneak up behind Freeze for a normal Silent Takedown.

2. Rail Takedown - This one actually has two ways to do it, but when Freeze takes out the rails, both of these methods aren't able to be used. You can either hang from a rail while Freeze walks by and jump up on him, or be standing next to a rail while he walks UNDER it to take him down.

3. Grate Takedown - Another easy one. Hide in the rails, and when he walks by, jump out and take him down.

4. Disruptor Takedown - Probably the easiest. Remember when Freeze gave you his override chip to use against Penguin? Point, click, punch.

5. Magnetic Takedown - You can see the magnetic generators on the wall, right? Wait until Freeze walks close to one, and then use your Remote Electrical Charge (RT fire mode) to pull him into it.

6. Electrocution - There's a puddle near the middle of the room, and a button to turn electrical wire in it on. See where I'm going with this? Lure Freeze into the puddle and throw a remote batterang to activate it.

7. Line Launch - One of the tougher ones. Wait until Freeze gets to a nice long open stretch of the room with his back to you, and use the Line Launcher to kick him. Easier said than done, but leading him on a long loop of the room normally helps this.

8. Window Takedown - A little tricky, but all you need to do it take Freeze down from a window. Usually jumping through a window will Lure Freeze over, so just wait nearby and jump on him when he goes to investigate.

9. Wall Explosion - There are two destructible walls in the room. Spray some gel on it, lure Freeze over to it, and be sure to detonate it when he's very close to knock him down.

10. Skylight Takedown - Like the last takedown, there are only two places in the room to do this. Make Freeze follow your footprints under the skylight, and grapple up so you're standing on the skylight above him, and take him down.

Also, when playing on New Game+, keep in mind the meter on the right of the screen. If your Detective Vision is on for too long and this meter fills up, Freeze will disable it for the rest of the fight. Only use it in short bursts!

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