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Sanyuan the best skill and blade

Ok go to solsheim make sure you have mark, recall and divine intervention spells then beat the werewolf quest. Wander around the mountans untell you find or get attacked by a werewolf.

(It will take a while and you need to be lv 50) well fighting the werewolf guy make run to outside hothmonds barrow well hes attacking you kill him at the entrance then enter (im sorry I forgot the password I think it starts with "o").

Kill the guys inside and you see that cool axe try to pick it up you can't so mark then divine intervention back to frostmoth talk to the adventurer outside the fort ask him about hothmond's barrow (if the option dosent come up you have to talk to the guy outside aldruin mages guild hell mention it).

Then he'll say a bunch of crap then hell follow you yay hes strong too so recall and sleep outside hothmonds barrow 24 hours when you wake up he should come unless youd rather walk now go inside and try the axe again then hell say somthing and walk over and grab it.

A loud voice (hothmond) will say some crap so run to the entrance and 3 dremora lords and a golder saint will attack you kill them and go back inside now this is a big battle so ready yourself it's hothmond (I don't think I'm spelling that right).

Fight him hes pretty tough but on the final blow hell say stop please spare me and whatnot kill him get nothing walk away hell call you and say some stuff thes he gives you a skill called sanyuan's will and a sword thats called sanyuan blade of masterful arts worth 95000gold and dose 50 damage in every elemen.

You'll get a scroll of sanyuan death blow 5000 damage in 50 feet on target and reflect 5000% and the art fortyfies long blade 100 points for ever and regains 40 helth everry 20 secs AND you get reflect 50% resist magic and deasise 65%.

Thats it thanks.


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Added 30 Dec 2005, ID #5057, by pyroking1993161 and get


If any one isnt happy with ther current level here is a ...glitch in the game to make you're character SUPER LEVLED..

Ok then 1st of all you need an ok amount of 5k or what ever..then go find a DRAIN skill spell...once that is done ..

Make a spell that drain one of you're main skills * I did security..anyways...have the spell do ....drain (main/minor skill) 100-100 points on SELF and soultrap on target...then once thats done go run up at the wall and fire at your self .......

Its shold be drained now..then go to a trainer * I perfer secret masters ..but non the less find a trainer that trianers in the skill you lowered....(the skill level shold be 0 )..:D and yes it only costs 1 gold to train ..and it stays at level 0 for like 80 uses per spell on self ....

So that means if you want 100 levels it costs 1000 gold !!!!!!.. BTW don't be worried if your skill doenst go up after a while it will...

I was really freaked my 1st time..but after about 80 it will go up to lvl 1 then 2 ,3 ,4 , 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 etc etc ...then just rehit your self and your ready to go.

Added 24 Nov 2005, ID #4892, by -XenigmaX-


Always carry a potion of strength with you, if your going out raiding caves or villiges so you can carry more loot and can do more damage.


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Added 11 Oct 2005, ID #4708, by bunny of doom

Cool magic robes

Go to telvanni and enter the plaza, then find the telvanni tower. Upstair in the closet thing there is a flamemirror robe(reflect and resistance to fire, has a charge of over4000) then go to the downstairs and go to the telvanni treasury and kill the ordinator closest to the doors, he has a key.

When you use the key on the right side door it sends you to the left side room where there are two storm attronachs, kill them and then open the chests in the room there is some good stuff, then go to the door and open it and you will be in the main tresury, there are two ordinators, and a whole lot of treasure, in there are a couple of shockmirror robes and other magical robes they each have a charge of 775

If you use the cheat that gives you permannent high attributes by doing a spell thats also does soul steal, then be prepared for your game to crash if you put your speed up too high, but it's fun to have permanant water walk and speed up to 2000! Just go running and don't worry where you step!


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Added 10 Oct 2005, ID #4702, by evilargonian

Sword of white woe

In balamora the gaurd towers eatch have one gaurd on the wardrobe in one there shuld be the sword of white woe, kill the gaurd and join the theivs guild and get the bounty off then go back and take the sword and have fun pulverising enemies.


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Added 7 Oct 2005, ID #4686, by bunny of doom

Cool stuff and can people help me

Ok...... Now kill the guards a vivec use the health cheat and get the armor, and the ebony sword from the guy in the orc guild in caldera and get the pants from the crate at the top floor that really good armor ps.

Can some one help me I'm trying to find out how to get to mournhold they say go to sotha sil but I don't know where that is.


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Added 21 Aug 2005, ID #4427, by cheat man 10

Good stuff for your character

- boots of blinding speed: light armor:
Constant effect spells: - fortify speed +200pts. On self
- 100% blindness on self
(the blindness wil have less effect when you are at higher levels)
location: north of caldera, on a crossroad someone has it on

- Cuirass of the Savoir's hide: light armor:
Constant effect spells: - resist magicka 60% on self
location: Tel Fyr, in the closet on the upper floor (need levitate to get there)

- Lord's Mail: heavy armor:
Cast when used: - Cure poison on self
- Resist magicka 20 - 30% on self
location: In a Cave on the water, somewhere around Ebonheart

- Deadric Crescent: heavy armor: (THE BEST WEAPON OF THE GAME)
Cast when strikes: - Paralyze 10 sec on touch
- Disintagrate armor 5 - 30pts on touch
Location: Tel fyr upper floor (need levitate), There wil be a dude with Full deadric
stuff (do not kill him), inside his room is a chest that contains amulet,
equip the amuletand you shall teleport to a special room, there you
must defeat a dremora lord, once defeated you shall receive the


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Added 9 Aug 2005, ID #4339, by Nicolas van i


To advance easily in mages guild be skilled and then do the missions

Added 29 Jun 2005, ID #4015, by pokemonmaster94

The Drifters Guide To Morrowind

I don't have the map hear with me so i'll do my best to explain things to ya.... Hear goes.....

There is a Dwemer ruin above Bal Fel on the map, go to the very south east corner of this island and there will be another little island, on this island there is a mud crab (don't kill it) this mud crab has the most money in the game and will buy all your weapons from you for 10k a piece, this may take a while if you want to sell alot cause you gotta wait 24hours to sell something else, that is if you take his 10k straight away.

To the east of Kuul there are two Dwemer ruins in the mountains (also on the map) betwenn and slightly to the east of these ruins is a cave (with a door lol) follow these all the wqay through you'll have to swim about a bit aswell but you will come to a deadric ruins inside, to open this door you going to need a VERY high lock pick skill or 1 of those 100 open door scrolls, there is a Golden Saint inside when you have killed that you will find a deadric battle axe 1-80 hit popints and the face of inspiration. I have only found 1 of these 3 masks but I have found something better again.

Go to Dragonfel, follow the path to the east, you will find two Dwemer towers 1 will be abandoned the other is not (sme guys name come up when you goto the door) kill every1 inside have a good look around and you will find some steps that lead to the top of the tower, kill the guy inside WARNING he summons a greater bone walker so you will need 1 or to restore strength potions or spells, search his corpse and you will find the amazing helmet (it weill only be good if you have consentrated on heavy armour, if you haven't start).

I have alot more of morrowind to explore, I have found the entrance to Dagoth Ur's ruin in Red Mountain but cannot go inside, and I've found the 2 great weapons Keening the daggar and the hammer but that was on another save and I cannot remember where they were, when I find them again I will tell you guys where they are.
Oh and if anyone has managed to kill Lord Vivic please tell me how you did this.



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Added 12 Jun 2005, ID #3862, by Orgin

Heres How To Get A Soul Gem With Infinite Uses!!!

First off you have to summon azura , to do this you have to go to the shrine of azura ( it's on the most south eastern tip of azura's coast ) then go inside the shrine and walk up to the statue of azura and press the action button she'll proceed to talk to you and give you a mission , to complete the mission : go to the sheogorad region and go to the island furthest to the top and a lil bit west of of the main island of dagon fel and kill all the daedra on that island then search the corpse of the golden saint named " stadda " it will have sheogorath's signet ring , wich is the proof azura is asking for , then return to azura's shrine and she will reward you with " Azura's Star " it's a soul gem with unlimited uses and when you get a golden saint's soul in it the gem is worth 2 million dollars. ( DO NOT GO INTO THE SHACK ON THAT ISLAND IT WILL VOID THE MISSION!!!).

Added 27 Apr 2005, ID #3620, by RockLeeBeastOfKonoha

Don't do that-do this!!

Spdam says that you should give your release forms in first just don't!! take the key then drop it straight away then when the guy goes to arrest you he says something along the lines of "ok I'll let you off this time but when you get released you will get arrested for stuff like that" (you can do this with any item that you want in either building before you hand in your release forms-just remember to pick up the stolen item again!!)

Added 6 Apr 2005, ID #3501, by teej8145

Get fargon your freind

When you start the game go to the barrel outiside make sure you look in it get thee
ring then hand it to fargoth/fargon? he will let you get cheaper items at arriles tradehouse dont persuade him hes your best freind now when you give him the ring leave him unless you want to get advice for him hope this helps


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Added 1 Apr 2005, ID #3478, by PhyscoCheater05

Preety cool Helmet

Ok this is nice and easy.

Go to Dagon Fel and talk to any random person about a wizards tower (not to sure of name) then go to the tower and kill everyone on the lower level (not very hard).

Then go to the second level and kill the mage. He has a helmet,heavy,armor 106.

There are also some other books and stuff. Also another bonus is when you go back into the town people like you for killing the wizard.

Added 13 Mar 2005, ID #3288, by teej8145

Daedric Weopons

So far in my game I've found two Daedric weopons but there good for normal weopons, Daedric Longsword I found that in a shrine in the under works of the St. Olms through the canals and the Daedric War Axe, I found that in a shrine, close to Ald Velothi, it was east of the town, when you find it the people inside will, attack, they're strong.

When you kill them there will be a gap in the wall and u follow the cavern it will lead you to a door that should say something like "sunken Vaults" if you go in there get ready for a fight if you don't have magic, there a guy with the Daedric War Axe and he summons a greater Bonewalker, when you kill him, he has ebony armour all off worth tons of money,, but the axe you pick up it does 1-44 damage adn the longsword does the same amount of damage.


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Added 30 Sep 2004, ID #2476, by Morgue

Winged Twilight Summon

How many of you have wondered where the summon for a winged twilight is? How many of you thought there was no such thing? I never even found a scroll until now.

To get the summon for a winged twilight, go to Tel Branora and go into the highest part of the tower you can go and go in there. (For that you shouldn't need levitation, there's a ramp, but for the next part you do.) Then go to Theranna's Chamber and levitate up there. You will see a guy in a shiny robe. Talk to him about spells and he will have the spell to summon a Winged Twilight.

I'm not sure if you have to be in house Telvanni because I went there with my mage who is in Telvanni, so you know. I would check with my Bosmer, but she's a vampire and they won't talk to me and no one else can get there...sorry. Maybe I'll figure it out and then tell you.

Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #2173, by cassandravalentine

Daedric Longbow

The Daedric Longbow in the Forgotten Galleries of the Daedric Ruins Maelkashishi. Once in the shrine, you will need to levitate to access the Forgotten Galleries' door. Inside the Galleries proper, the Longbow is lying beside a skeleton on the top-most ledge. There are also 11 Daedric Arrows lying around in this room.


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Added 7 Aug 2004, ID #2158, by JoeDanteJoJo

How to get a lot of money

Buy or steal lots of sould gems, soul trap all kinds of creatures, sell gems for mucho dinero(lots of money).


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Added 30 Jul 2004, ID #2121, by JoeDanteJoJo

Secret tombs and or shrines

heres a hint that i found out on my own.go to vivec,i cant recallwhich canton it is but I think its redoran.

Go down to the sewers and walk around till you see any doors go in and look around and you should see some dark elfs, and a giant statue.

Kill all the dark elfs then go up to the statue and look at the bowl at his feet.

There should be some gems get them and a dedreic will come out.kill it and get his weapon.there you go vlueable gems and a good weapon.

I have a level 100 lizardman all my skills are 100 I've never been killed, my armour is 123, my weapon is a dedreic war hammer...

That does 1-74 damage

Added 23 Jul 2004, ID #2097, by badazzlizardman

3 Scrolls to fortify aerobatics by 1000 for 6 seconds

Just north of Seeydan Neen there is this underwater cove( You can find it on your map).

Enter and do everything there is to do in it. Once your done exit, then you will hear a man scream. You'lll find his dead body on land not far from the cove.

He is carrying about 100 gold a note and 3 scrolls to fortify aerobatics by 1000 for 6 seconds. The note says stuff about pole vaulting over towns.

Be very careful how u use these. It only lasts 6 seconds and about 5 is reaching your max height so either use a second scroll to land or a very powerful slowfall.

Your aerobatics skill will usually increse by a couple levels(I did this when I was pretty weak)


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Added 16 Jul 2004, ID #2062, by JoeDanteJoJo

Get Golden Spirits Easily

First, make sure you have a grand spirit gem. Go to any mages' guild, and travel to Ald-Ruhn.

There is a mage there on the bottom floor. If you see the list of things she has to sell, one is a scroll to summon a golden spirit.

Buy it, and use either a scroll of gem feeder or the gem feeder spell itself if you have it. Summon the golden spirit and use the spell. Kill it, and it'll be in your grand spirit gem.

Rest for 24 hours and buy another. As long as you have grand spirit gems you can get as many golden spirit as you want!

That will make enchanting weapons a whole lot easier....


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Added 30 Jun 2004, ID #1955, by Black Wing
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